Between Izmir Antalya Motorway and Two Cities Will Fall From 7 Hours to 3 Hours

Izmir toll will drop from hour to hour between two cities
Izmir toll will drop from hour to hour between two cities

One of the most important stages of the highway project that will connect Izmir-Antalya is the Honaz Tunnel in Denizli. The end of the tunnel of 2 meters, the construction of which has been completed, has been approached. With the completion of the Izmir-Antalya Highway Project, transportation between the two cities will decrease from 600 hours to 7 hours.

One of the important pillars of the project was the end of the Denizli Honaz Tunnel. Firm Representative Ferhat Özler said, “Final concrete coating productions are around 94 percent. Outside our tunnel, the construction of earthworks and artistic structures on the 4,5-kilometer road in Cankurtaran location has been completed on the order of 80 percent. ”

Goal launched in 2021

The 2 thousand 600 meter double tube tunnel project is planned to be completed by the end of the year and to be put into service in 2021.

A citizen who said he was satisfied with the project said, “You will go to Cankurtaran in 5 minutes, as you will get out of here in half an hour. Of course, it would be very good for everyone, for everyone. ”



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