Awareness Day Event Held at Level Crossings

Awareness-day event organized at level crossings
Awareness-day event organized at level crossings

With the participation of TCDD 7th Regional Directorate Regional Manager Adem Sivri, an event was organized within the scope of June 11, International Level Crossing Awareness Day.

Regional Manager Adem Sivri said, “We have presented information leaflets and gifts to commemorate the day by increasing the awareness of the drivers in order to prevent accidents to occur at level crossings with Oğuz Güngör, Deputy Director of Safety and Quality Management Service. Due to the patient's patient behavior that complied with the rules, we gave the railway symbol a watch. After the activity at the level crossings, the driving courses were visited and we reminded the officials that the trainees should be informed about the rules to be followed at the level crossings. We made brochures and gift presentations in memory of the day. ” used expressions

Günceleme: 12/06/2020 14:50

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