Additional Precautions Regarding Exams to be Made within the Scope of LGS

Additional Precautions Regarding Examination to be Made within the Scope of LGS
Additional Precautions Regarding Examination to be Made within the Scope of LGS

📩 18/06/2020 15:33

In the central examination to be held on June 20 within the scope of LGS, the article containing additional measures regarding the health and safety of students was sent with 81.

Within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS), the article containing additional measures regarding the health and safety of the students was sent to the provinces in the central examination on June 20.

In this year's exam, students will take the exam in the schools where they study. While the number of schools that were tested last year was 3 thousand 873, this year this number was increased to 18 thousand 139 and the number of halls from 59 thousand 568 to 111 thousand 918. In addition, safe areas were created to ensure social distance, and the schools were disinfected to ensure hygiene.

Previously, the distribution of question booklets to students one hour after the exam will be handed over to parents on Monday (June 22nd) to prevent possible confusion, and the officers distributing the question booklets will use gloves. For the health of students, parents will not enter the school garden.

In addition to these, additional measures to be implemented within the scope of coronavirus measures were determined and sent to 81 provincial directorates of education.

In the article, every subject from the number of halls in the central examination to the disinfection procedures were carefully examined and the rules to be followed on the day of the examination were listed.

Accordingly, at least 1 meter (3-4 steps) of social distance will be maintained during the students' entrance to the garden of the school where the exam will be held and precautions will be taken to prevent accumulation. Students will be taken to school buildings and halls in accordance with the social distance rule without waiting.

Students will enter the examination rooms with a medical mask. When they sit down, they can continue the exam by removing the mask of the student who wants after social distance is provided with other students.

All students will not be taken out at the same time either at the end of the first session or at the end of the exam. The students will be taken out of the exam hall and the building by taking the necessary precautions in order to maintain the social distance, if necessary, class by class, according to the condition of the building.

Necessary measures will be taken by the examiners so that the students will comply with the social distance rule in the school or in the garden in the 45-minute time interval between the two exam sessions. Students will not be able to remove their mask from school corridors and schoolyards.

If the 45-minute weather conditions in the exam are not suitable for going to the garden, reserve supervisors will be assigned to the students in the sections of the school such as non-exam corridors, empty classrooms, gymnasiums and cafeterias to maintain the distance.

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk, from the social media account before the exam to be held over the weekend, said, “Masks were sent to schools for each student. We are very careful and determined in this regard. Our flexibility in the mask is that, as suggested by the Scientific Board, it can be removed provided that the social distance is maintained during the exam and re-attached at the end of the exam. ” shared.

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