780 Million Liras Damage Compensation To Our Farmers

million dollar damage compensation to our farmers
million dollar damage compensation to our farmers

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli stated that natural disasters that occurred in 2020 affected more than 57 million decares of agricultural land belonging to 163 thousand 850 producers in 4 provinces and that 780 million lira damages compensation will be paid to producers with agricultural insurance policy.

Minister Pakdemirli stated that TARSİM is an important guarantee against natural disasters in agriculture.

heavy snowfall that occurred in 2020 in Turkey, excessive heat, excessive rain, hail, sunburn, flood inundation, avalanche, earthquake, frost, storms, floods, landslides, hose, frost in 57 provinces due to disasters such as lightning Expressing that a total area of ​​163 decares belonging to 850 thousand 4.328.685 producers was affected, Pakdemirli said:

“The vast majority of these disasters occurred in May. As a result of the damage assessment studies carried out by TARSİM regarding disasters covered by agricultural insurance, 780 million lira damages will be paid, including approximately outstanding claims. After the appraisal work is completed, damage compensation payments will be made. ”

Minister Pakdemirli said that for the risks covered by agricultural insurance, Tarsim claims report, and for disasters that are not covered by agricultural insurance, producers can apply to Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives with the report of the Provincial / District Damage Assessment, to postpone their agricultural loan debts or installments.


Pakdemirli also stated that after the damage determination works of the Provincial / District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry related to disasters not covered by TARSİM, the relevant governorships can request Provincial Emergency Support Allowance from the Presidency of Administrative Affairs.


Pakdemirli stated that there was an increase in small fruit castings in citrus, olive and vineyard production areas in some provinces in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions due to sudden temperature changes in May.

“For the first time in our country, it was the first time of extreme harm that negatively affected citrus fruits. Excessive heat damage is not covered by agricultural insurance. Taking into consideration the demands received in this regard, we have started a scientific study to include temperature loss in citrus within the scope of TARSİM as of next year. ”

Minister Pakdemirli stated that agriculture is the sector most affected by natural disasters and added that farmers must have agricultural insurance.

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