6 Million Free Masks From The Masculine

million masks from mascemists
million masks from mascemists

The number of masks distributed free of charge through mascarams that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality put into service during the fight against coronavirus approached 6 million in less than two months.

The number of masks that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality distributed free of masculinities in order to facilitate the access of the mask to the mask within the scope of the global epidemic has reached 6 million in less than two months. Metropolitan Municipality has overcome the problems experienced in reaching the mask from the first day of the coronavirus epidemic with the production of masks produced by the Occupational Factory and the maskematic formula it has implemented. 17 metro stations to facilitate access to the medical mask for citizens living in the center of Izmir, and Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, Konak masqueraries were placed on the ferry ports. In Buca, masculmas were set up at the park next to Şirinyer İZBAN station, at the entrance of Çiğli İZBAN station and in front of Gaziemir Dokuz Eylül Mahallesi Park. Maskematics, which were launched on April 17, formed the backbone of the mask distribution network in the city. In the remaining 2 months, 4 million 700 thousand distributions were made from subway stations, 494 thousand at İZDENİZ piers, and 552 thousand with mobile masematics.

The people of Izmir took advantage of the mask pack containing 5 masks for free every seven days by reading the İzmirim Card. Within the scope of the normalization process, with the new application that will be launched this week, five packs can be purchased for a boarding fee (3,56 TL).

120 thousand masks are produced per day

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality produces masks within the Vocational Factory within the scope of the measures to combat coronavirus. In order to deliver more masks to Izmir, 5 machines with cutting work were purchased and the production capacity was increased to 120 thousand per day. Vocational Factory trainers and volunteers also sew masks.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality distributed 65 thousand masks to district municipalities, citizens over 368 and agricultural workers during the pandemic process.

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