4th Poster Design Competition Exhibition Opens

poster design contest opens
poster design contest opens

The awards of the “Young Art: 4th Poster Design Competition” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism find its owners. Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey "100th Anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of the landing" on the occasion of "Young Art: 4. Poster Design Competition Exhibition" on June 24, at 14.30 will be opened in a ceremony to be held at the Ankara National Library Exhibition Hall.

In the competition organized with the theme of "Hâkimiyet-i Milliye" in order to raise awareness among young designers about recent history. kazanA total of 97 Turkish liras will be awarded to young designers.

In the competition, as a result of the selection committee evaluation made on 354 poster designs whose applications were accepted, 46 posters were entitled to be exhibited. kazan8 students who will receive the success award of the competition will be presented with 7 thousand lira and a certificate of achievement, 9 students who will receive the honorable mention will be presented with 3 thousand lira, and 29 students who will receive the exhibition award will be presented with 500 lira and a certificate of participation.

Based on the fact that sovereignty belongs to the nation unconditionally and the will of the nation is the greatest power, it is necessary to remember the importance of the republic and democracy, to keep it alive and to create permanent works on this subject. kazanThe exhibition, which will be held as a result of the 4th Poster Design Competition organized by our Ministry, can be visited between June 24 and July 8 at the National Library Exhibition Hall.

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