20 New Buses Added to Trabzon Transportation Fleet

New bus was added to the Trabzon transportation fleet
New bus was added to the Trabzon transportation fleet

Trabzon Governor İsmail Ustaoğlu, Provincial Gendarmerie Regiment Commander Tuğgeneral Erhan Demir, Provincial Police Chief Metin Alper, Metropolitan Municipality Council Deputy Mayor Atilla Ataman, Mehmet Karaoğlu, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality for the promotion ceremony of 20 new buses that will contribute to quality, comfortable and safe urban transportation. Ahmet Adanur, TİSKİ General Manager Ali Tekataş, AK Party Trabzon Provincial President Haydar Revi, District mayors, veterans, public institution and institution directors, related department heads and many citizens participated.


Speaking at the ceremony, Metropolitan Mayor Murat Zorluoğlu stated that they put 20 new buses into service and said, “Our citizens sometimes had reproach about our buses. We are always with our fellow citizens and we immediately took action to fulfill their demands. As of today, we are launching 18 new buses in the amount of approximately 20 million liras. With our new buses, our passenger carrying capacity is increased by 20 percent. May our buses be auspicious to our city. We have come to the interview stage during the recruitment process of 60 new drivers. We are starting to subject our current drivers to serious training. We do not only our drivers but actually analyze the training needs of our Metropolitan Municipality. And we determine the training need for our staff in all our units. We will meet this need in the coming days. ”


Mayor Zorluoğlu also gave information about the transportation-related projects of the Metropolitan Municipality at the introductory ceremony. Expressing that they attach importance to the Transportation Master Plan, which was launched recently, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “With the tender we will hold soon, we will deliver the Transportation Master Plan to our city in about 18 months. kazanwe will go. From now on, we will deal with all the transportation and traffic-related issues of our city, taking into account the scientific data to be revealed in the Transportation Master Plan.”


Stating that they have also resolved the modernization of the city, which the city is expecting, President Zorluoğlu said, “We have resolved the modernization of the dolmus problem in the past months as a result of the negotiations with the Society of Drivers and related parties. In 2020, our citizens will be able to travel with more comfortable, air-conditioned, safe and beautiful minibuses. We also converted our forty dolmies to 80 taxis. There were 89 taxis in Ortahisar, we added 80 more. And we created 23 new, old taxi stands. Now, those who do not want to travel by public transportation can easily reach the nearest taxi. We also decided on the modernization of Akçaabat minibus. We are turning the minibuses in Akçaabat into a bus in the coming months. They will now work with a more comfortable and affiliated system of the Metropolitan Municipality. ”

We care about parking lot

Stating that they have given importance to the parking issue since the day they took office, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “The parking lot for 311 cars on the tangent will be put into service in August and the deficiency in the square region will be eliminated. We also have new parking works. We will also completely destroy the İskenderpaşa parking lot in the coming months and double the capacity of the rate. With the tender we will hold in the area around the mosque in the same place in a short time, we will start the construction of a parking lot with a capacity of 600 vehicles underground and 100 vehicles above ground. Again, we have a project provided that it is under the area directly opposite the Women's Market. If we can pass it from the board, we will realize a parking lot for 150 vehicles there. We have a serious project in Akçaabat district regarding parking lot. We will have a project in Tonya. When we come to 2024 regarding other districts, we aim to offer 16 parking lots to the service of our citizens both in Ortahisar and in our other districts ”.


Expressing that they continue to work to solve the traffic problem, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Değirmendere junction is a region where we encounter serious traffic problems. We have started a very important work on this issue with the support of our Minister of Transport, Deputies and Governor. We bring the road from Gümüşhane, Maçka, through the coastal road. Thus, when the project is completed, the traffic density in Değirmendere will completely disappear. Tunnel work on the side of Maçka road and intersection filling work on the eastern part of the Port started. Hopefully we will complete it soon and remove the traffic density in the east of our city. ”


Stating that vertical connections will be made to Çukurçayır and Boztepe, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “Our citizens who want to go to the upper elevations of the city will not have to come to Meydan and go to this region. With the new tunnels we will construct from the rubble zone, we aim to reduce the serious traffic density occurring around the potter tunnel. The project of this was approved. We will significantly relieve the traffic of this region with two new tunnels to the exit of the potter ”.


Stating that Metropolitan Municipality is not a Transport Movement Center, Mayor Zorluoğlu said, “We are currently serving in containers. In a metropolitan city such as Trabzon, there is a need for a large Transportation Center, where technological facilities are also used. We have prepared our project to eliminate this. We will hold the tender on July 7. We will have a very nice Transport Movement Center equipped with technological infrastructure at a convenient point in the rubble site. We are implementing our projects one by one with the support of our President and Ministers, and we will continue to do so. ”

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