181 Million Liras Resource for Vocational Education

million lira resource for vocational education
million lira resource for vocational education

Kemal Varın Numanoğlu, General Manager of Vocational and Technical Education, announced that 2018 million lira resources were provided to 2019 projects related to vocational education through the support programs of development agencies in 609 and 181. Within the framework of these supports, trainings such as entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking, project preparation, and effective presentation techniques were provided to 10 368 students and trainers.

Vocational and Technical Education General Manager Kemal Varın Numanoğlu stated that in 2018 and 2019, 609 million lira resources were provided to 181 projects related to vocational education through the support programs of development agencies.

Numanoğlu, said in a statement, the Ministry of technology every day is progressing very rapidly and so-called industry 4.0 4. today that the Industrial Revolution took place, both industries need science Turkey's pride in both technology and cooperation with many giant institutions that qualify as trademark He stated that he attaches great importance to diversification.

Numanoğlu stated that they are working to realize a structure that can meet the labor force needs of the sector in vocational and technical education, adapt rapidly and effectively to the developing technology, and ensure that the stakeholders are actively involved in the planning and decision-making processes, and benefit from the experience of the stakeholders and work. Expressing that they care about starting out by knowing the needs and demands of the world clearly.

Pointing out that vocational and technical education plays a key role in economic and social development, Numanoğlu reminded that the Ministry of Industry and Technology determined “Vocational and Technical Education” as a national theme in 2019.

In this context, Numanoğlu said that development agencies provide financial and technical support to vocational and technical education activities in line with the objectives of the industry to meet the qualifications required by the industry and to train qualified graduates who can keep up with technological developments, to meet the practical training needs and to increase the country's competitiveness and market share in the world. found: “Through the support programs carried out in 2018 and 2019, 1718 applications were made to vocational education support, 609 projects were granted support and a total of 181 million lira support was provided. While 2018 million lira support was provided to 320 projects in 92, 2019 lira support was provided to 289 projects in 89. Within the framework of these supports, trainings such as entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking, project preparation, effective presentation techniques were given to 10 students and trainers, vocational training fairs and project market activities were organized to support students to produce innovative solutions and 368 thousand 9 people participated in these activities. . In addition, master-apprentice meetings and industrialist-graduate meetings were organized to bring students together with the business world. 219 thousand 21 people participated in all these events. ”

Numanoğlu said that schools, industry and private sector collaboration were provided, and schools were paired with businesses and professional organizations, with 59 practices to support the supply-demand balance in the labor market.

Many productions, from breathing apparatus to video laryngoscope, were made

Numanoğlu emphasized that the importance of R&D centers, whose infrastructures have been strengthened with the support of development agencies and established in the vocational and technical Anatolian high schools in different provinces, has emerged very clearly with the coronavirus outbreak, and continued: days, 4,5 million liters of surface disinfectant, 250 thousand liters of hand disinfectant, 8 thousand liters of cologne, 22 million masks, over 1 million face protection visors and 1 million disposable gowns were produced and delivered to the relevant institutions.

In these centers, respiratory equipment, ultrasonic surgical mask machine, video laryngoscope device, N95 mask machine, ultraviolet-C (UVC) air sterilization device, isolated sampling unit, intensive care bed and ozone air disinfection device and non-contact infrared thermometer were produced. The efforts of both our Ministry and our General Directorate are continuing without interruption, to strengthen a stronger vocational education, to train a more qualified workforce and thus contribute to a more competitive economy.

In this context, Ministry of Industry and Technology, Mustafa Varank and Development Agencies, as the Ministry of National Education for Vocational and Technical Education, has contributed to the vocational and technical education that has a very sensitive and key role in the development of our country and its place in the world markets as a competitive power. I would like to thank all our stakeholders who have contributed to the General Manager Barış Yeniçeri. ”

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