Establishment of the Air Force 109th Anniversary

Foundation of the Air Force Year Anniversary
Foundation of the Air Force Year Anniversary

We celebrate the 109th anniversary of the establishment of our Air Force, which has over a century of experience in the field of military aviation, qualified personnel, modern technology and superior achievements, which is the pride and steeled expression of our noble nation, in the sky.

In today's world, where risks, threats and dangers increase, big changes and transformations occur in all areas, especially the crises experienced in our immediate environment; it requires having an effective, deterrent and respected Armed Forces. Strong land, sea, air and space power are also essential for the armed forces with these qualities.

Turkish Air Force, established on 01 June 1911; "Istikbal is in the skies." With its inspiration from the word, it has continuously improved itself and achieved today's superior air technology and has taken its respectable place among the world's leading Air Forces with its highly trained and qualified personnel capable of using this advanced technology.

Our Air Force has contributed greatly to achieving great success in domestic and cross-border operations by working in harmony with other elements of the Turkish Armed Forces and using its unique capabilities.

In addition to its duties in the anti-terrorism operation, the Turkish Air Force successfully fulfills its duties within the scope of peace support activities it undertakes in the international arena and continues to be a source of pride for our noble nation.

On the occasion of the 109th anniversary of the establishment of our Turkish Air Force, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his fellow soldiers; I am honoring our saint martyrs and heroic veterans who have sacrificed their lives for the peace and security of our homeland, our blue homeland, our skies and the noble nation, and offer my respect and gratitude to our heroic veterans who are alive and wish urgent healing.

We sincerely congratulate the Air Force Commander Gen. Hasan Hasan KÜÇÜKAKYÜZ, all of the active and retired staff who have contributed greatly to reaching the current level of our Air Force and their precious family members who always support them; I wish them health, success and well-being.

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