Population Directorates Open for Students to Enter YKS on May 18-19

For students who are going to be high, mayis nufus mudurleri are open
For students who are going to be high, mayis nufus mudurleri are open
To the 81 Provincial Governors of the Ministry of Interior Curfew Restriction sent an additional circular on. It was stated in the circular that since the outbreak of the coronavirus, many measures were taken to combat the epidemic and implemented.
In order to carry the effect of the measures taken to the reduction of the spread rate of the contamination to the highest level; Ankara, Balıkesir, Bursa, Eskişehir, Gaziantep, Istanbul, Izmir, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Manisa, Sakarya, Samsun, Van ve Zonguldak It was stated that a circular was sent to the governorships on May 15 regarding the curfew that will be applied between 15-19 May 2020 in a total of 12 provinces.
The postponement of the corporate and income temporary tax returns to be submitted on May 18 to May 28, and the corporate tax return for 2019, the temporary tax return, the value added tax return, the stamp tax return, the May 27, 28 May, respectively. It was stated that the following exceptions had to be added to the scope of the workplaces, businesses and institutions and the Persons Under Exceptions section that would be open in the circular sent by the ministry to the governorships on 01-15 May 19, when curfew was restricted due to the fact that it had to be declared on June 2020, XNUMX.
In this context, all provincial / district population directorates will be kept open from 18 to 19 May 2020 in order to receive the TC Identity Card applications of the students who will take the Exempted Persons Department and the Central Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) to be held by ÖSYM. On 18- 19 May 2020, where there is a curfew restriction, students and a person from the parent, parent, guardian or guardian may come out onto the streets on the condition of submitting a document indicating that the exam has been applied to the population directorates. In addition, the population directorates will continue to serve on those dates and times.
Since it is the Agency and Income Provisional Tax Declaration and Payment Period for the Provisional Tax Period (January-February-March), between 16-17-18-19 May 2020, independent accountant financial advisors and sworn-in financial advisors and their employees ( restrictions) until May 31.
Necessary decisions will be taken by Governors / District Governors regarding the above mentioned measures in accordance with the relevant legislation. In accordance with the relevant articles of the Law, in particular, the implementation of the penalty in accordance with the condition of the violation, in particular, not to cause any disruption in the practice and to cause the victimization, and to impose administrative fines in accordance with the Article 282 of the Public Sanitary Law. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of article 195 of the Turkish Penal Code regarding the subject of criminal behavior.


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