Trump: We End Our Relationship with the World Health Organization

trump who
trump who

Last minute: At a press conference, US President Donald Trump announced that relations with the World Health Organization, which he threatened with a letter, have been terminated recently. US President Donald Trump, who argued that the World Health Organization (WHO) was insufficient in the fight against the new type of coronavirus epidemic, which emerged in Wuhan, China and affected the world in a short time, announced that the relations with the organization were terminated.


Trump recently shared the letter he sent to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on his Twitter account. Trump pointed out that WHO did not adequately study the situation in Wuhan and used the following statements:

“The wrong steps that you and your organization took one after another in this pandemic period have exploded all over the world. The only way for WHO is to show that it really is independent of China. My management has already started discussions about what kind of reform should be done with you. However, it needs to be taken quickly. There's no time to waste. It is my duty as the President of the USA to inform WHO that we will permanently freeze the funds we provide and review our membership, if WHO does not make substantial reforms in the next 30 days. I cannot let U.S. citizens go to this organization, which obviously does not serve the interests of the US in the current state of their taxes ”- SonDakika

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