UAVOS Completed Tests of Unmanned Cargo Delivery Helicopter

uavos completes testing of unmanned cargo delivery helicopter
uavos completes testing of unmanned cargo delivery helicopter

With the company's new UVH-170 unmanned cargo delivery helicopter, UAVOS has carried out a successful flight test from the first seller to the destination, and then back from the destination to the seller using the pre-selected routes, with an automatic delivery test.

At the end of the flight, which took place at a distance of 100 km and lasted for 1,7 hours, 8 kg (17,6 lbs) critical humanitarian aid load was delivered without the need to lower the helicopter or use ground control station on the receiving side.

UVH-170 UAV is designed to be used under harsh conditions and in tight timeline situations, both in sudden aerial response and emergency aids, and during commercial operations. The aircraft's safety range is well suited for humanitarian and disaster relief missions in areas that may be difficult or dangerous to reach by ground crews or pilots.

It is equipped with a line of sight data link (LOS) and a satellite communication data link that supports flights beyond the visual field (BVLOS).

The capabilities of the UVH-170 unmanned helicopter have many different uses, such as social and mining, medical and pharmaceutical deliveries such as medical and pharmaceutical deliveries for distant communities and emergencies, and economic delivery such as oil and gas or courier delivery.

The maximum take-off weight of UAVOS's petrol-powered unmanned helicopter is 45 kg (99 lbs), but its carrying capacity is up to 10 kg (22 lb). It can fly at a maximum speed of 2500 mph, up to 2500 m in height.

UAVOS CEO and Chief Developer Aliaksei Stratsilatau said in a statement, “As we have seen during the trials, customers can significantly benefit from the use of the UVH-170 UAV. Being a powerful VTOL platform, the UVH-170 does not require additional take-off or rescue equipment, making it a perfect feature for delivery to remote areas. The unmanned helicopter has proven its ability to operate in conditions with strong winds of more than 14 m / s. " used the expressions. - Source: defenceturk

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