Needs Turkey's İyidere Logistics Center

There needs to turkiyenin Iyıdere logistics center
There needs to turkiyenin Iyıdere logistics center

📩 19/03/2023 18:36

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Rize Deputy Hayati Yazıcı noted that Rize City Hospital will be built on the sea embankment in the marina with 800 beds, on the sea embankment (Gülbahar Mahallesi coast), and not on the national budget.

The printer also İyidere publication of the logistics project in the Official Gazette recalling taken into the investment program for 2020, for the tender preparation process 100 million pound allowance this year being put in the budget and that the issues that will affect the economic investment of coronavirus outbreaks, but saving the overcome it Turkey, İyidere Logistics Center for "Turkey needs this logistics center," he said.

Yazıcı, in the television program he attended, stated that they had discussions with the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca about the construction of the Rize City Hospital and that it was decided to build the City Hospital on the sea fill at the marina (on the coast of Gülbahar Mahallesi): “Build, operate, not transfer. When we met with our Minister of Health, Fahrettin Bey, he also stated that it will be done with the national budget. Hopefully, Rize will have a city hospital with 800 beds. Maybe there are critics. During our rule, a state hospital was built right next to the province. Because 350 has probably been increased to 400 beds. We also have a Training and Research Hospital within the body of Recep Tayyip Erdogan University. Those who go there know. According to today's understanding, it is very difficult to call it a hospital. Labyrinth or something. It is not very suitable for providing quality service. Convenient but not too convenient. So they will merge together. It will be realized by filling the marina right there by filling the sea. Why, it has become a marina, but it is becoming a filling. It can be said that such people play the devil's advocate in such a thing. When Iyidere Logistics Center port is built, of course, a function that will serve this yacht will be installed at the port in the city, as well as Rize Port. Therefore, an area of ​​220 decares will be created for the hospital area in that marina. It has over 800 beds. It will be a complex worthy of Turkey. This is in the 2020 investment program. Therefore, the project studies for this also continue.” – event53

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