Turkey's First Local and National Land Robot ARATA

Find our domestic and national land robot
Find our domestic and national land robot

Turkey's First Local and National Land Robot CALLED: Konya AKINSOFT established by the software company "akınrobotics" 4-legged robot developed at the factory "Arat", was produced by 10 engineers to collaborate after 60 years of R & D work. ARAT, which has a body structure consisting of 17 joints and 4 motors, can stay in balance with 4 feet, walk for 10 hours, carry 30 kilograms of load and has 86 sensors on it.

ARAT, designed to be compatible with all kinds of terrain conditions and capable of carrying loads, can be used in unmanned search and rescue activities for military and security purposes.

Technology and ICT as well as the name frequently talked about in the service industry AKINROBOTICS worldwide to reach every point operates in 28 countries with more than 2000 partner solutions and Turkey.

In 2015, he founded the first humanoid robot factory AKINROBOTICS in Konya. Özgür Akın realizes all of the robots they produce with 100% domestic and national facilities in this factory with their own capital and R&D studies.

The story that begins with the waiter robots

which is a first in Turkey in 2015 in the world, few countries in the robot waiter of food, beverages made by robotic café activities to pass AKINROBOTICS, then human movement, four-legged land will serve gestures and similar people have the ability to walk AKINCI-4 robots and search and rescue developed its robot ARAT.

Robot Arm-2 was produced for use in many applications such as material handling, automated machine support, painting, mechanical cutting in production facilities.

upskirt robot
upskirt robot

Starting with the software 24 years ago and 10 years ago AKINROBOTICS entering the field of robotics, Turkey has become the most successful company in this regard. If the support is given, it is a candidate company to be ASELSAN of the future in the software and robotics industry.

AKINROBOTICS 'vision for 2023 is to establish Space Technologies R&D Base and AKINSOFT High Technology University.

Ilhami Pektas

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