13. Place the World Tourism Income Rises in Turkey

During the rise of world tourism revenue in turkey
During the rise of world tourism revenue in turkey

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) of the United Nations published the May 2019 barometer, which includes 2020 data.

While Turkey again hosted the 6th most visited country in the world and in tourism revenues rose two places, he settled in as more and 13.

In recent years, countries that generate the most tourism revenues in the European rankings in the past year continued 6'ncılıg Turkey, TurkStat data, he earned 2019 billion dollars in tourism revenue in 34,5 according to.

Most visitors entertained in 2018 European countries ranking in 4, rising to 6th place in Turkey in the world, according to the World Tourism Organization in May 2020 barometer of success in visitors this ranking did not change in 2019.

In terms of tourism revenue remained the same compared to the 2018 European rankings last year, Turkey is the 2019th in the world rankings in 15 was increased to 13 ordinary.

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