Do Not Stubborn to Ride When You See This Sign on the Bus!

social distance rules are complied with in municipal buses in Mersin
social distance rules are complied with in municipal buses in Mersin

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is meticulously signing the regulations that comply with the social distance rules that must be followed due to the coronavirus epidemic in urban public transportation. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, acting in accordance with the Ministry of Internal Affairs circular regarding the acquisition of half the number of passengers, takes up to 21 passengers. Metropolitan did not change the number of buses and trips on the field in order to prevent this situation from causing any victimization. While 175 buses of Büyükşehir come into service every day, 92 buses are served during the curfew days. When the bus reaches 21 passengers capacity, citizens are informed by attaching a “full” sign.

Warning Strips were hung on the double seats

Following the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of the Interior issued a circular, demanding the implementation of taking half as many passengers on the city buses. According to this decision taken to protect the social distance, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality went to arrange the buses and the warning strips stating that one of the double seats should be left side by side were placed on the buses.

13 Passengers are Seated, 8 Passengers are Standing, 21 Passengers are Standing

When the existing buses of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality operate at half capacity, they can take up to 13 passengers, 8 of which are on the seat and 21 are standing.

As soon as the bus leaving from the first stop reaches 21 passengers, the bus driver hangs the “full” sign on the windshield and informs the citizens waiting at the stops that they should get on the next bus.

New Passengers Cannot Be Accepted As long as the Number of Passengers Is Not Below 21

As long as the number of passengers on the bus does not go below 21, the "full" sign is not removed from the windscreen and no passenger is taken at any stop. When the number of passengers on the bus decreases, new passengers are picked up and the number of passengers is adjusted to 21 people.

In addition to the applications of wearing a mask, washing hand with disinfectant for every citizen who gets on the city bus, it is also ensured by the bus driver's warnings that only one passenger sits on the double seats side by side and there is at least 8 meter distance between the 1 passengers standing. Thus, the city buses are traveled in accordance with the social distance rules.

“We did not make any reduction in our buses and lines”

Ersan Topçuoğlu, the Head of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, stated that they did not make any reduction in bus services by prioritizing the public interest in the coronavirus epidemic process and said, “When we analyze the passenger values ​​and present them to our Metropolitan Mayor Mr. Vahap Seçer, he is definitely a led us to avoid reduction. We did not make any reductions in our buses and lines. ”

“Our buses continue their journey with 13 passengers, 8 standing, 21 passengers in total”

Stating that they reduced their passenger capacity in municipal buses by 50 percent in line with the circular of the Ministry of Interior, Topçuoğlu continued as follows:

“In accordance with the circular sent by the Ministry of Interior, the passenger capacity in our buses has been reduced by 50 percent. In other words, our city buses continue their trips with a total of 13 passengers, 8 sitting and 21 standing. While our buses were going with 21 passengers, our citizens who were waiting at the stops could not understand that our friends were not able to see inside the bus with a hand sign or eye contact without approaching the station because they could not see inside the buses. As if the driver continued without taking the passenger, a negative perception occurred on behalf of both our municipality and our chauffeur friends. We also made 'filled' signs visible on the front of our buses. When our citizens see the full plate, they can call 444 2 153, which is the notification line of the Metropolitan Municipality, if there is a suspicion that the buses are empty and not taking it. We also make a camera review of that bus and, if it is right in the notice of our citizens, we make an investigation about the driver and make the necessary assessment. ”

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