Name of Martyr Police to Survive in Africa

sehit police will be named in africa
sehit police will be named in africa

The Lighthouse Association will live the name of Ahmet Alp Taşdemir, a 2017-year-old special operations police who was martyred in the operation against the terrorist organization PKK in Diyarbakır in 26, in the water well he opened in Somalia.

In the written statement made by the association, it was stated that the Lighthouse Association has been working to ensure that millions of people who have water shortages in the world have access to clean water.

In the statement, which stated that the opening of water wells in the regions of need came at the beginning of these works, it was noted that the donors of the association named the water well built in Somalia after Ahmet Alp Taşdemir, who was martyred in the operation organized in Diyarbakır in 2017 in the cell house of the terrorist organization PKK.

The Name of Our Martyrs Will Keep Alive in Every Media

Ahmet Köse, the President of Young Goodness, whose comments were included in the statement, said that the martyr Ahmet Alp Taşdemir and other martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the peace of this country will be remembered for centuries and their names will be kept alive in every medium.

Köse stated that donors and young university students preferred to name the martyr for this reason.

Thanks from Martyr's Father

Martyr's father İbrahim Taşdemir also said: “I would like to express my gratitude, love and respect to all my brothers and sisters who made material and moral sacrifices for the opening of this well. May Allah be pleased with all of you, our nation. The Turkish nation is fast-paced, faithful, and kadirşinas. May Allah not harm our state and nation. May Allah be pleased with our nation. ”

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