Martyr Basic Boxwood Ship Will Make the Armies Love the Sea

sehit basic moored ship will make the armies love the sea
sehit basic moored ship will make the armies love the sea

Despite the fact that Ordu has a coast to the sea, it can not benefit from the sea in every platform. Mehmet Hilmi Güler continues to undertake projects that will make the city peace with the sea.

In this context, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which made important decisions in order to integrate Ordu with the sea, is carrying out maintenance and repair work in order to bring the ship named Şehit Temel Şimşir to tourism. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has rehabilitated many places such as the engine, the ceiling, the electricity and the mechanical accents of the ship, which has turned to scrapping, is also overhauling the interior decoration to make the ship more usable.


Within the scope of the project, which will make a great contribution to maritime tourism and make the citizens of Ordu like the sea; There will be places that will appeal to citizens such as a restaurant, cafeteria, wedding hall, children's playground, live music area. On the ship with a capacity of 600 people, while meetings are also held, tours can also be organized.


Expressing that the projects were carried out in terms of reconciling Ordu with the sea, Ordu Metropolitan Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “It is a city that will appeal to people's eyes with its army green and blue. We have a lot of variety in terms of tourism. But to date, Ordu has been afraid to use the sea and has not been able to benefit from the sea. As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we are implementing projects that will make Ordu peace with its sea. Ordu, which is an exemplary city in every sense with the works we will implement in this sense, will be an example with its sea. ”


Noting that the teams are carrying out a feverish work on the rented ship, Mayor Güler said, “We do not see much mobility in our army, which is on the coast of the Black Sea, whether it is winter or not. We want to bring mobility to the sea and our citizens to be involved in this mobility. In this sense, we rented a ship named Şehit Temel Şimşir from our Municipality Thursday. On this ship, our teams are working feverishly. On the ship that has been scrapped, our teams are doing maintenance and repair, including interior decoration. This ship, designed with different concepts, will include many places from its restaurant to the wedding hall. In writing, with the winter, our citizens will be able to use this ship easily. When the work is completed, our citizens will spend a lot of time on the ship. ”

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Günceleme: 19/05/2020 14:09

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