First Commercial Flight Started on Samsun Sivas Kalın Railway Line

sivas samsun train line opened again
sivas samsun train line opened again

Sivas-Samsun, Turkey's first iron railway line was opened, one of the road after about 5 years of work to modernize.

The 12 km long line between Sivas and Samsun, which is located within the boundaries of TCDD 2015th Region, which was closed on 4 June 378 and the infrastructure and superstructure standards were raised, was reopened. The renewal work of the line in question has the highest grant funded project feature among non-European Union countries.

Within the scope of the renovation works, even signaling and telecommunication systems were installed and 48 historical bridges were restored and 30 bridges and 54 XNUMX culverts were rebuilt.

A contract was signed at EUR 85 on 15.06.2015 for the modernization of the line section between Kal - Samsun, which was 258.799.876,70 percent of the European Union Grant Fund, and for the construction of the signaling. With the increase in discovery, infrastructure and superstructure were completed within the scope of the project of 350.517.620,10 EUR and signalization works were completed.

The Governor of Sivas Salih Ayhan visited the Kalin Station due to the continuing of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) at the central station of Sivas, where the passenger traveled the freight train from there.

Speaking to members of the press here, Governor Salih Ayhan said that a global epidemic has been fought globally. Noting that the life continues despite the epidemic, Governor Ayhan said, “Production conditions are working fast. We will witness one of the concrete examples of this today. Sivas - Samsun line, between Kalin and Samsun, was taken into maintenance in 2015. A very intensive work has been carried out for 5 years. As of today, it starts commercial flights. This line has great gains both commercially and socially. It has a very strong function as it has a connection to the Black Sea and it is a line to both the east and south axes. This project; It is the project with the highest grant rate among countries not in the European Union. 85 percent of this has been covered by EU funding, 15 percent by our Ministry of Transport and our General Directorate of TCDD. So when we look at it, the number is really a big number. When we look at the cost, it is obvious that it is a big project. ” said.

“Significant Openings Will Be Held in 2020”

Underlining that Sivas is an important point in terms of the train line route, Governor Ayhan said, “Hopefully, opening the same in a high-speed train with a nice ceremony, Sivas will have made the biggest opening in its history in 2020. It starts its first time. He goes to take loads from Turhal. In 2019, approximately 1 million tons of cargo has been transported since the temporary acceptance stage. The target expects to carry 3 million loads annually. This is an extraordinary figure in freight transport. Good luck. May our state exist. I call your labor health. I demand service without accident. Sivas is one of the luckiest cities in this sense. It is extraordinary that only one project has such a high cost. It is the importance that our state attaches to freight transportation. Soon, you know, there are studies about YHT. It is not possible to be affected by the coronavirus epidemic, but it has been affected to a small extent. But our feverish work continues rapidly. Hopefully we will hold our ceremony together for YHT in 2020. ” he spoke.

Governor Salih Ayhan then started the train journey by talking to TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun on the phone, and thanking him for his efforts and feverish efforts.

In the program; Provincial Police Director Kenan Aydoğan, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander İdris Tataroğlu, TCDD Acting 4th Regional Director Ali Karabey and other interested parties were also involved.

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