Roads are Made Safe in Istanbul

roads are made safe in istanbul
roads are made safe in istanbul

Taking advantage of the last curfew, IMM continued its road maintenance, repair and asphalt renewal work on the axles on both sides of the city. Asphalt renewal activities focused on asphalt renewal in towns such as Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Beykoz, Çekmeköy, and bridges such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet - Yavuz Sultan Selim, known as the "death road" among the people. The “Ali Bahadır Intersection” road is finished here and efforts are made to increase driving safety on the route.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continued its works on roads and squares in the last curfew. During the four-day period, maintenance, repair and asphalt renewal works were carried out on the roads on both sides of Istanbul. The damaged routes in the critical points of the city were handled. Efforts were made to transform these roads into routes with high driving safety according to scientific criteria.

Works on Büyükçekmece, Bayrampaşa, Silivri, Arnavutköy and Bağcılar on the European Side, on the Anatolian Side KadıköyAccompanied by those in Kartal and Beykoz. Taking advantage of the decreasing density due to the curfew, the city was made ready for pedestrians and drivers of Istanbul.


İBB Road Maintenance Directorate, Anatolian Side 8. Regional Assistant Director Halil Başer, said the following about the work carried out:

“The main artery where we are carrying out this asphalt renewal work is one of the busiest axes of the city, connecting districts such as Ümraniye, Üsküdar, Beykoz, Çekmeköy and bridges such as Fatih Sultan Mehmet and Yavuz Sultan Selim. That's why our work here is a healthy and sustainable way of land transportation in Istanbul. kazanvery important for the cost. Because, unfortunately, this axis on which we carry out the study is defined as the 'way of death' among the people. We are trying to finish the 'Ali Bahadır Junction' road quickly in order to make this place safe for 16 million Istanbul residents. When our work is finished, there will be a significant reduction in traffic accidents on this road. When this broken road is completed, comfort will come to the travels of our citizens.”


In the study carried out by the IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, the teams strictly complied with the measures taken within the scope of coronavirus. In the field, the teams carefully observed the social distance rules as well as the use of safety equipment, mask and gloves.

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