PTTBank EFT System was Integrated into the Central Bank System

PTTbank eft money transfer TL Money Transfer
PTTbank eft money transfer TL Money Transfer

EFT transactions can be made directly from PTTBank accounts entered into the Central Bank EFT system. One of Turkey's largest financial infrastructure by bringing together customers pttbank, 5 thousand workplaces, ATM close to 4 thousand, 8,6 million bank took a new step in banking and served with a prepaid card. EFT code was assigned to PTTBank, which meets all kinds of financial service needs of its customers with 180 years of experience and guarantee of PTT. Customers will be able to perform mutual EFT transactions with PTTBank directly from PTTBank accounts.

In addition to the primary services such as money order, PTTBank account (postal check), effective transactions, loans, salaries and aid payments, collections, e-Government password etc. within the scope of contracts with banks and institutions. Pttbank offers many services to customers in the new system, the Central Bank and the Banks Association of Turkey will begin after the completion of the technical integration process. - Hibya

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