Production Doubles in ASELSAN's Precision Optical Factory

production doubled in precision precision factory
production doubled in precision precision factory

Despite all the negative and uncertainties caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak globally, ASELSAN continues its activities within the framework of precautions without any disruption in the production and supply chain. Production at ASELSAN's 'Hassa Optik' factory in Sivas was doubled by taking the necessary measures during this process. The sights of infantry rifles used by Turkish Armed Forces personnel are produced in this factory.

During the ASELSAN COVID-19 pandemic, the market value in the ranking of public companies among the Defense News Top 100 companies was one of the top 4 companies that were least affected by this process.

Defense Industry President İsmail Demir:

With the investments we made in critical technologies, we accelerated the production of optical lenses, prisms and precision mechanical parts at Aselsan's Precision Optics factory in Sivas. Instead of slowing down in March and April, we doubled production by taking Covid-19 measures. Day Vision Infantry Binoculars, Night Vision Attachments and Sniper binoculars produced in Sivas made their statements at the service of our security forces.

Source: DefenceTurk

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