President Soyer Visits Asphalt Workers and Celebrates May 1 Labor Day

President Soyer Visits Asphalt Workers and Celebrates May 1 Labor Day
President Soyer Visits Asphalt Workers and Celebrates May 1 Labor Day

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the workers who laid asphalt at 23.00 at night and celebrated May 1, İşçi Bayram, and offered them baklava. Teams evaluating the curfew have asphalted the main arteries that cannot normally be completely closed.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer visited the workers of the municipality's İZBETON company, which carried out asphalting work on May 1, when the curfew was imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic. Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Mayor Tunç Soyer, who went to Yeşildere Street with Buğra Gökçe and İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya at 23.00:XNUMX, sohbet and offered them baklava. Stating that he is proud of all the workers, President Soyer said, “It is 23.00:160 at night. The asphalt we are standing on is at XNUMX degrees. It's an incredibly tough job. They pour great sweat and labor. We are grateful to all of them, ”he said.

“We are Evaluating the People of Izmir for Service”

Stating that he was twisted at the workers working on May 1, Mayor Soyer said, “But it is necessary to serve İzmir. It is impossible for us to do this way on a normal day. A way without alternatives. Since the traffic could not be closed, complete asphalt work has never been carried out here for 15-20 years. We have evaluated the opportunity created by these days, which we never want to see again, for a more beautiful and livable Izmir. For this reason, we turned the situation into an opportunity. We will have presented a gleaming way to the people of Izmir. Our friends are working very seriously. We are evaluating these days when the curfew is imposed for the service of the people of Izmir. That's why I am very happy and proud. ”

“We Have 24 Hour Asphalt Paving Works”

İZBETON worker Özkan Çarpar said, “We do not disrupt our work. We continue to serve for Izmir residents. We will continue to do our best for our people. Don't give up, continue working. ”

İZBETON Education Sergeant Ali Karaca stated that they were at the beginning of their duties on May 1, and that they were renovating and enhancing the main streets during the curfew. Özge Bingöl, who is responsible for the İZBETON Quality Control Laboratory, said: “We could not go to the fields due to the epidemic this year, but we are in the field, we are at the beginning. We have 24 hour asphalt paving works. Our productions continue. We turned this ban into an opportunity. A suitable environment has been created to work. We were doing piecemeal spreading in the open area. Since we are now closed to traffic, we are laying asphalt to all lanes of the road at the same time. In this way, we obtain an extremely high quality, durable surface since there are no cuts and joints. ”

Three Day Program

İZBETON General Directorate will complete approximately 200 kilometers of asphalting work with 25 workers in three days when curfew is applied. Mürselpaşa and Yeşildere streets are 4.5 kilometers in the direction of the airport, Bayraklı The direction of Altınyol Konak is 5.5 kilometers, Konak Karabağlar Mithatpaşa street is 2.2 kilometers, Gaziemir Akcay Street is 1.7 kilometers. In addition, work will be carried out in Urla Neyzen Teyfik Avenue, Dikili Ugur Mumcu Avenue.

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