Telegram of Atatürk's First Olympic Champion Yaşar Erkan

Atatürk Kazım Özalp Bekir Cingöz Fevzi Çakmak Refik Saydam and his spouse
Atatürk Kazım Özalp Bekir Cingöz Fevzi Çakmak Refik Saydam and his spouse

In 1936, the eleventh of the modern Olympic games were organized by the Germans in Berlin. Olympic games Greco-Roman wrestling matches have been going on at the Deutschland Halle Sports Hall for four days. Yaşar Erkan, a young Turkish wrestler, became the Olympic champion for the first time on August 9, 1936 at 61 kg.

The joyful night created by Yaşar Erkan's news of success; He was very pleased with Atatürk. While Atatürk was at Dolmabahçe Palace, he celebrated our Olympic champion wrestler with the telegram he sent to Berlin. (2)

The telegram Atatürk sent to Yaşar Erkan is as follows:

“You are small, but you have done a great job for the country. Now your name has passed into Turkish sports history. Long live. ”

K. Ataturk.

In the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Ahmet Kireççi from Mersin won the third place in 79 kg. Yaşar Erkan's championship was as follows: Yaşar Erkan 3 kg. (feather weight) win the finals in three matches, two with keys and one with number. Yaşar lost only one point until he reached the final. Swedish Karlsson lost three points and Finnish Reinci lost four points. Yaşar is beaten by the Finnish Reinci in 61 minutes by key and gets three bad points. In this case, the match between Swedish Karlsson and Finnish Reinci wrestlers who were defeated in previous rounds would determine Yaşar's championship. Swedish and Finnish wrestlers could not touch each other. Yaşar Erkan became the Olympic champion when he won the competition with the Finnish wrestler Reinci number. (5)

61 kg. championship is ended as follows: 1. Yasar Erkan Turkey, 2. AERNI Reincke Finland, 3. Emaar Karlsson of Sweden, 4. Sebastian Herring Germany, 5 Krıshjanıs Kundsinsh Canada, 6 Valentmo Slazak Poland, 7 Gyula Möre Hungary.

(1) Cumhuriyet Newspaper, 11.8.1936/2/1818 (1938) Kocatürk Utkin, Atatürk and the Republic of Turkey from 60 to 1983 Historical Chronology of the 59th Anniversary of the Republic, Ankara 3, p.8, (17.8.1936) Turkish Journal of Sports Authority, no.5, XNUMX. XNUMX, p. XNUMX.

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