Our Border Units did not open up to Smugglers

our border troops did not let the kacakcilar look
our border troops did not let the kacakcilar look

As a result of the discovery, surveillance, ambush and seizure activities carried out by our hero borders in all kinds of weather and land conditions, day and night, 24 hours a day, they constitute an important part of the financial resources of terrorist organizations and are brought into the country illegally; drug, weapon, cigarette and drug trafficking continues to be hit hard.

As a result of the search screening made on the Van, Hakkâri, Kilis and Hatay border lines;

  • 1.787 boxes of pills,
  • 5 7 + 1 shotguns
  • 5 4 + 1 shotguns
  • 20 shotgun barrels
  • 20 pump shotgun shock kits
  • 96 blank guns
  • 3845 g of cannabis
  • 6.500 packs of cigarettes were seized.

The seized materials were delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command units.

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