Nostalgic Tram Treaty from President Soyer to Kordon

nostalgic trolley news from president soyer to cord
nostalgic trolley news from president soyer to cord

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer examined the works related to the transportation infrastructure that continues without interruption on the eve of the curfew. Mayor Soyer also gave the good news of the nostalgic tram project they will implement in Kordon.

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer feasted with the staff by examining the studies on the transportation infrastructure in many parts of the city on the eve of the curfew. The first stop of Mayor Soyer was Nadir Nadi Street, which was used extensively by İzmir residents to enter Kemeraltı. President Soyer examined the maintenance and repair work of the barrier in this area, which is one of the 13 spots pedestrianized throughout the city, where vehicle entry is allowed at certain hours and to ensure pedestrians are in a safer environment.

Tunnel Is Watched With 72 Cameras

The second stop of Mayor Soyer was the entrance of the Konak Tunnel. Soyer feasted with the staff cleaning one of the live broadcast cameras used by the İzmir Transportation Center (İZUM) in mobile and web applications, and received information about the 1674 meter long Konak Tunnel works between Konak Square and Yeşildere Avenue. Visiting the SCADA center, which intervened in emergencies by watching the tunnel with 72 cameras within the Konak Tunnel Operation Directorate in Yeşildere, said: “We took over this tunnel from the General Directorate of Highways approximately 6 months ago. Our friends are working to both improve the quality of the service and to make the work offered here more beneficial for Izmir residents. We continue the maintenance and repair works of the tunnel. They are working on what the remedies can be in the face of the negativities that can be experienced in the tunnel. We are a 24 hour service producing unit. I would like to thank all my friends who work here and congratulate them on their holidays.

Konak Tunnel Operation Chief provides services within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

Connection Roads Coming to Relieve Traffic Coming

Mayor Soyer went to the workshop of the Traffic Services Branch Directorate, which carries out traffic signs and road markings on a 23-kilometer road network, and feasts with the staff working in the workshops. Receiving information about the vibration studies carried out to test the durability of the bridge on the Zafer Payzın Bridge, President Soyer said that they are continuing their projects to make road connection roads between Mürselpaşa Caddesi and Zafer Payzın Köprülü Interchange to relieve the traffic of Altınyol, Ankara Caddesi and Yeşildere Caddesi.

Nostalgic Tram to Kordon

Mayor Soyer also announced that they are preparing to implement the nostalgic tram project, which came to the fore within the scope of the city rail system network, in Kordon. Mayor Soyer, who visited the nostalgic tram project line planned between Alsancak Port and Cumhuriyet Square and examined alternative projects, said, “Nostalgic tram will add a brand new color and vitality to Kordon. It will increase the peace and happiness of people with its transportation and nostalgic appearance. We are excited for this. We will complete the route and infrastructure works and realize the project in a short time. ”

Bicycle Lane to Pleven Boulevard

President Soyer stated that they have accelerated the road works for safe transportation against the traffic density that is expected to increase with the normalization process. Mayor Soyer, who examined the plate and line works on Alsancak Pleven Boulevard, where the first shared bike lane application was made, said that they are working to spread the use of bicycles in Izmir. Mayor Soyer said, “We are planning new ways for the people of Izmir to prefer bicycles for transportation and sports. I wish the city of Izmir, Turkey will be the most bicycle use. We are working hard to achieve this goal. ”

In the main arteries of the city, there will be "reserved bike paths", "shared bike paths" and "bike lanes" that can be put into practice more quickly, on a 50-kilometer route where the speed limit is 40 kilometers per hour.

In the review program, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer was attended by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Eser Atak, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head Mert Yaygel and the directors of the department.

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