AKSUNGUR SİHA Flight During Minister Soylu's Traffic Point Examination

minister of the minister during the examination of the traffic point
minister of the minister during the examination of the traffic point

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu made examinations at Kahramankazan box office in Ankara, at the point of application of traffic. During the investigations of Minister Soylu, the flight of AKSUNGUR SİHA did not go unnoticed.

The delivery of AKSUNGUR SİHA, which is expected to be delivered to the security forces in the beginning of 2020, has not been delivered yet. In Kahramankazan region, it is possible to see TUSAŞ's products while flying. It is completely accidental that AKSUNGUR SİHA is in the air while Minister Soylu is examining. He was probably doing the last test flights before being handed over to the security forces.

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry General Manager Dr. Temel Kotil; He stated that the AKSUNGUR MALE class unmanned aerial vehicle developed by TUSAŞ through ANKA UAV will be offered to the use of security forces at the beginning of 2020, but no delivery has been made yet.

AKSUNGUR MALE class UAV System: capable of performing intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and assault operations in all weather conditions day and night; EO / IR, SAR and Signal Intelligence (SINGINT) is a Medium Altitude Long Air Stay Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System that can carry payloads and various air to ground ammunition systems. It has two twin turbocharged diesel PD-40.000 engines that can reach altitude of 40 feet and allow up to 170 hours of air to complete the most demanding operations.

AKSUNGUR, which has a similar avionic architecture and uses the same ground systems as the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) inventory, and uses the same ground systems, including the electronic war conditions of the İHA ANKA System with a high payload capacity of 750 kg. It is built on the flight experience in the most challenging combat conditions.

minister of the minister during the examination of the traffic point
minister of the minister during the examination of the traffic point

System features:

  • Full Autonomous Operation
  • Double Redundant Automatic Flight Control System
  • Dual Redundant Automatic Takeoff and Landing System
  • Dual Redundant Electric Power Generation System
  • DO-178B Compatible Software
  • DO-254 Compatible Hardware
  • Ground Control Station and Data Link compatibility with existing ANKA UAV Systems
  • Ice Protection System
  • Trans-Solar Operation Flexibility with SATCOM
  • Autonomous Return and Landing Ability to the Takeoff Base in Case of Link Break
  • Foldable Landing Gear
  • Composite Structure
  • Integrated Fuel Tank

Technical VIt is masculine:

Canary Clearance 24,2 m
Length 12,5 m
Height 3,1 m
Duration of Stay in the Air  40 hours
Maximum Altitude 40.000 ft (MSL)
Maximum Takeoff Weight 3300 kg
Link Range + 200 km
Motor PD170 Heavy Fuel Engine (170 hp)
Useful Load Capacity 750 kg


  • Image Intelligence
    • Electro Optical / Infrared / Laser Pointer / Laser Range Finder Camera
    • Useful Payload of SAR / GMTI-ISAR
    • Wide Area Surveillance Camera
  • Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)
    • COMINT / DF (HF / VHF / UHF)
    • ESM / ELINT
  • Communication
    • Satellite Communication (SATCOM)
    • Personnel Locating System (PLS)
    • V / UHF Radio Relay
    • Communication Service Pod
  • Weapon Systems
    • 500 weapons stations with 300 kg, 150 kg and 6 kg capacity on two wings
    • TEBER-81 (Laser Guided Mk-81)
    • TEBER-82 (Laser Guided Mk-82)
    • L-UMTAS
    • MAM-L (LUMTAS Guided Missile Variant)
    • Cirit
    • MAM-C (Javelin Guided Missile Variant)
    • HKG-3 (Precision Guidance Kit)
    • UPS (82) Poultry Guidance Kit
    • Miniature Bomb

Source: (Ahmet Alemdar / defenceturk)

Günceleme: 06/05/2020 13:51

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