Minister Pakdemirli gave the first lesson at the 'Agriculture Forestry Academy'

minister gave the first lesson at agriculture forest academy
minister gave the first lesson at agriculture forest academy

The first course of the “Agriculture Forest Academy”, which aims to provide the farmers and producers with the information they need, with the courses and training videos to be published on the internet, is the first course of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Bekir Pakdemirli gave.

The training portal, which enables the farmer to reach the information he was looking for, started broadcasting at any time.

Provided by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Education and Publication, is ve isIn the portal that met with the producer from the addresses, Minister Pakdemirli explained the Digital Agriculture Market and its advantages in the first lesson.


Stating that the Digital Agriculture Market, which was introduced and put into operation last week, is a platform that all buyers and producers can reach online, Minister Pakdemirli stated that with this new system, both producers, consumers and all segments of food will be more advantageous. Minister Pakdemirli; “If you ask our manufacturer today, he will say this; I produce my product, I cannot get the full price. Because when we look at the prices in the market, while I am sweating so much, another vehicle or the chain in between can earn more money, I want to get the sweat of my forehead. Well, if you ask the consumer; If you ask the consumer who goes to the market in Izmir, Ankara, in Istanbul, the consumers are cheap in the field, but they are very expensive until they reach me and I have trouble finding this constantly. Digital Agriculture Market is a contracted production platform that brings producers and consumers almost together. ”


Minister Pakdemirli stated that every segment of food, from seed to fork and food can be on this contractual production platform, emphasized that one of the most important advantages would be financing and said, “This will benefit the producer as follows; Our manufacturer, which has a contract production, will know from the beginning how many liras he will sell his goods. There is an important benefit to this, an important sour. It will also provide input financing if there is an additional contract for input financing between the buyer and the seller. In other words, if our producer, who wants to sell his vegetables and fruit, has agreed with a market with a retail chain, maybe he will receive up to 20-25 percent of this as in-kind aid or in cash. With this, it will meet fertilizer need, seed need, seedling need, medicine need. In this way, in fact, a solution will be found in general terms for the financing of agriculture. If you ask our manufacturer today, he will always tell you about the inputs. He will talk about diesel, manure, feed, medicine, seeds. In other words, their financing will disappear after a load on the producer. "If you know the price from the day you planted it, it is really a demand for the producer."


Turkey's AK Party government during the period of the last 18 years, a considerable acceleration in agriculture and the Minister Pakdemirli that they came to the point where today, it reminded me of the example of the development taking place in this process; “In the last 18 years, our agricultural product has increased 7,5 times during the AK party periods. 565 dams were built; The dam, which was built before the governments of Ak Parti, was built 3 times more. We provided agricultural support for a total of 308 billion liras. We opened 6.6 million hectares of land for irrigation. We brought 4.5 billion saplings to soil. We provided employment to 200 thousand citizens in rural development grants. Our seed exports increased 10 times. We came from 18 billion dollars of agricultural exports, where we came from, we came from 3.7 billion dollars of exports and 18 billion dollars of agricultural exports today. Hopefully we are very confident that we will increase this figure by multiplying this year. Turkey has proved its self-sufficiency and agricultural so much as much as the $ 5.3 billion net agricultural trade surplus is a self-sufficient country. Our seed production increased 8 times. ”


Stating that there has been a significant increase in the Gross National Product in this 18-year period, Minister Pakdemirli said that there has been a 45 percent increase in the last two years alone. “Agricultural GNP, which was 2017 billion lira in 189, was 2018 billion in 217, 2019 billion in 275, 27 percent increase in total, with a 45 percent increase in the Presidential Government System, it really crowned the agricultural sector success in the Presidential Government System.


Of course, behind this success, there is support from the AK Party Governments for agriculture. Although our supports have increased 18-fold in the last 12 years, only 14,5 billion pounds in the last two years, 2018 billion pounds in 16.1, 2019 pounds in total in 2020 and 22. In other words, supports have increased by 52 percent in the last two years and 45 percent increase in revenue. We always say this; support from us, effort from you, blessings from Allah. We support verdikçe this land in tens of thousands of year-round production makes it very valuable, kissable hands of our farmers, our producers, our breeders, growers are producing crowned as the provision of subsidies to Turkey. "

Turkey in terms of geographical location, which may be closer to 4 per cent of the world with a 40 hour flight, but it is in a region with 1.9 trillion dollars in trade volume, agricultural revenue in Europe, a Minister Pakdemirli stating that ranks among the top 10 in the world, contracted in the future He also stated that they aim to be among the top 5 in this ranking with production.


In the first lesson at the Agriculture Forest Academy, Minister Pakdemirli emphasized that the contract production platform is open to every individual of the society; “Like Mevlana, we say come to the digital agriculture market no matter who you are. This is a system that tries to gather all the things in one place and make them more efficient. There's room for everyone here. In other words, there is room for cooperatives because cooperatives can take part in both input financing and Marketing by taking a more active role. Thus, they will be looking for ways of cooperatives, associations and organizations to be more beneficial to the producer. There will be both producers, buyers and food processing plants. If he wants, there will be haggers and shippers. ”

Minister Pakdemirli stated that they are with both the producer and the consumer with the digital agriculture market; “In the digital agriculture market, the producer wants to sell his product at a value price, and the consumer wants to buy his products at a more affordable price. Thus, both sides are satisfied with each other at the end of the day. Supply and demand meet, and we are free from tracking and planning the chain from seed to fork, as well as walking healthier and food waste.

Our main logic in the digital agriculture market is this; Whoever is with the manufacturer we are with them. We want all the stakeholders here to know and understand this. ”


Digital agricultural market not yet attracted the attention of the world's countries, indicating that the Minister Pakdemirli despite taking applications for a week, said that Turkey will sign a major success; “All international organizations received a presentation about this from us. They said they would take this as an example and they gave us information that they wanted to follow the steps we took. So Turkey is really more signing to a major success related to agriculture. However, as I said, this platform is not ours. This platform is your platform. However, as long as you are a part of this platform using the digital agriculture market and the transactions here deepen, this place will be extremely successful and everyone who is a stakeholder of this place will earn more than yesterday. ”


Explaining why contract production is a priority, Minister Pakdemirli said, “Once again, the producers' organizations will get stronger here. Because, since they will start to take part in the whole process in both buying and selling, cooperatives of producers will emerge, which also pleases the producer. As long as the producer is satisfied, solidarity in the organization and cooperative will reach an even higher level. Marketing capabilities will increase. As I said, from the smallest producer to the largest producer, their marketing capabilities will be almost equalized and a highly productive ecosystem will be created as consumption will be where the production takes place. Optimizing the production activities to market conditions will increase the productivity of the sector by increasing the productivity. We think that the contracted agriculture model is also important for sustainable agriculture. Hopefully, as I said before, the product of even the smallest producer will become a single punch, our intention from a single punch is that the products of our small producers, just like the big producers, will be marketable at high prices. ”

Minister Pakdemirli stated that one of the most important advantages of the digital agriculture market will be to increase the export oriented market by direct sales of agricultural products.


Turkey's geographical indication products in this market thanks to market in a much better way in the world, both inside and Minister of Turkey said Pakdemirli, said that to integrate the agricultural industry with one of the most important objectives. Pakdemirli; "One of the most important barriers to the development of the food industry is not at the desired place in the contract production of Turkey. In the food industry, I hope it will come to the desired place in this way. Supply demand price will all be in some way in balance. We underline that contractual production and agricultural planning are extremely important in food supply security. We think that this digital agriculture market will be an appropriate model for the marketing of agricultural products and meeting the demand of qualified raw materials in the agricultural industry on time. ”

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