Car Cinema in Istanbul Corona Days Could Be Morale

In the corona days, the movie theater became a morale in İzmir.
In the corona days, the movie theater became a morale in İzmir.

The nostalgic car cinema event of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality witnessed colorful images. Citizens of Izmir, who could not leave their homes due to coronavirus measures, found morale with simultaneous film screenings at six points.

The nostalgic car cinema event organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the citizens of Izmir who could not go to the cinema due to the coronavirus measures was morale to the citizens. In six simultaneous shows on giant screens, moviegoers watched movies without getting out of their cars. Popcorn and soda were served to the participants who watched the movie “Dealer Meeting” in Bostanlı, İnciraltı Democracy Square, Fuar İzmir, Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area Ice Rink, and in the giant curtains established in Buca and Çiğli, mask was distributed.

"It was our dream"

Nurettin Arabacı, who attended the fair in Izmir, said, “We saw the event on social media. We made our application. This is the first time we are participating in the movie theater event with cars. Because of the epidemic, we were not leaving home outside of work. We were very bored, this activity was really good. ” Betül Arslan said, “I'm a nurse, it was a great morale for me. We could not attend any activities due to coronavirus measures. It made us very happy to provide such an opportunity. Thank you very much to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. We are also coming to the movie theater event for the first time. It was actually our dream. The treats are also very nice. ”

“We were the 751th participant”

Buse and Yetkin Yemenci said that they sat at the computer as two people at the time of the application to attend the event. Yetkin Yemenci said, “The quota was 750 people. We were the 751th participant, so we were in the backup. They called and called a day later. Also, we always saw cinema with cars from movies. Today, such events are not held. Of course, many things will change with the outbreak. One of the signals of this is this activity. ”
Buse Yemenci said, “We are always at home. We have seen the announcement of this event on the social media accounts of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer and we wanted to participate. It sounded like medicine. ”

“I set the alarm at 20.55”

Barış Özyar said, “I heard that the applications will start at 21.00:20.55. I set the alarm on my phone at 767. Continuously, the page was defeated and I entered the backup list as XNUMXth. I was very happy when they said we could call and join. There used to be an open-air cinema in Göztepe, when I was a child. It is the first time I come to the cinema with cars. We thank Tunç Soyer very much. We hope that such activities continue. ”

Bilge Özyar said, “I was very excited to come to the cinema with cars for the first time. I am a healthcare provider, I am always in the hospital. My wife surprised me. I didn't know until the last moment. He felt very good to me. ”

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