Kenyans Will Know Turkish Products With Virtual Trade Delegation

kenyalilar will recognize turk products with virtual trade delegation
kenyalilar will recognize turk products with virtual trade delegation

The second of the Virtual General Trade Delegation program organized by the Ministry of Commerce is held for Kenya, one of the largest economies in East Africa. Kenyan people will get to know Turkish products in various sectors from food to personal care, from cleaning to baby goods with this program. Virtual General Trade Delegation programs, implemented under the leadership of the Ministry, are implemented with the instruction of Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan.

With the Decision of the President published in the current issue of the Official Gazette, supports for the organization and participation of the said trade delegation programs were also started to be provided.

In this period, activities carried out by the Ministry of Trade in virtual environments to increase the visibility of Turkish goods and brands in the market will be supported. Studies will continue to increase the competitiveness of Turkish companies in international markets.

After Uzbekistan it's time in Kenya

The first virtual trade delegation program was held on 13-15 May for Uzbekistan.

The second of these organizations started for Kenya, one of East Africa's largest economies, as of today. The program, which will last until May 29, brings together 25 Turkish exporters operating in the food, personal care products, cleaning products and baby products sectors with 80 Kenyan importers.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), Commercial Counselor and exporters of Nairobi after the meeting planned video conference with the participation of the company in the virtual environment bilateral talks will be held.

In Kenya, which has been at the center of attention of many foreign companies in recent years, it is remarkable that quality comes to the forefront with the increase in demand for food and fast consumption products in parallel with the developments in the world. This situation, of goods and services originating in Turkey will contribute to the more preferred market in the future, the Virtual Trade Mission program in general is considered to be an important step in this direction.

Turkish hazelnuts will be introduced to India

For India, which is among the target countries determined by the Ministry, during the period of 15-19 June, hazelnut and its products, cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products, dried fruit and products, fruit and vegetable products, aquaculture and animal products, ornamental plants and A Virtual General Trade Mission program is planned, covering products, tobacco, olives and olive oil, food and non-food fast food products, agricultural machinery, cold storage and air conditioning sectors.

These events are expected to continue with the South Korea Virtual General Trade Committee program, covering the plastic and metal kitchenware, glass and ceramic household items, home / bathroom products and home textile sectors on 22-23 June.

In the next period, it is aimed to organize virtual trade delegation programs in Germany, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Bulgaria and Pakistan.

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