Nostalgic Tram Will Travel Instead of Phaeton in İzmir Kordon

nostalgia tram will tour instead of phaeton
nostalgia tram will tour instead of phaeton

There will be a nostalgia tram operating in İzmir and Istanbul Taksim. Metropolitan's Nostalgic Tram Project is coming to life. Where will the Nostalgic Tram be built? Where will it pass?

The nostalgic tram, which is the symbol of Taksim Istiklal Avenue in Istanbul, will also tour in Kordon in Izmir. With the participation of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, municipal officials went to Denizli and made investigations. The delegation visited Garaturk, the factory of Öztürk Electric Company, which produces electric nostalgic tram from Denizli to the World, closely examined the models that can be used in Izmir. The delegation included Assistant Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Eser Atak, Head of Metropolitan Transportation Department Mert Yaygel, Metro Manager General Manager Sonmez Alev, Board Member Aytekin Sözen and President Advisor Ahmet Altan.

The Nostalgic Tram Project, which came to the agenda during the development of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's city rail system network, is coming to life. A nostalgic tram to Kordon came to the agenda after the Izmir Tram's route between Konak-Üçkuyular was shifted from Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard to the Alsancak Poet Eşref Boulevard and Ziya Gökalp Boulevard.

The nostalgic tram project, which is approved by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's transportation office, will be under the control of the transportation company Metro. He will serve on the route of the phaetons that horse-drawn carriages were found before and after Soyer's sitting in the chair. The project will operate for nostalgic purposes, not as the main passenger transport project. In practice, the tram project used for years in Istanbul Taksim will be taken as a role model.

The company, which produces electric trams for many shopping malls and social living areas across the country, has many models consisting of names such as Efe, London, Panda and Fairy Tale. The company also produces electric nostalgic trains to countries such as America, Afghanistan, Ukraine and India. (Source: Gözlemgaz newspaper)

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