Istanbul Airport Terminal Became the World's Largest LEED Gold Certified Building

istanbul airport terminal is the biggest leed gold certified building in the world
istanbul airport terminal is the biggest leed gold certified building in the world

Istanbul Airport, which is the global HUB in its first year with its unique architecture, strong infrastructure, superior technology and high-level travel experience, has added a new one to its achievements and has been awarded the “LEED Gold” certificate. The American Green Building Council registered the Istanbul Airport terminal as the world's largest LEED certified building.

İGA, which directs its works within the framework of sustainable development principles, was deemed worthy of the “LEED Gold” certificate as a result of the application it made to the American Green Building Council for the Istanbul Airport terminal building. From the design process to the construction phase, from the construction phase to the full-capacity operation, Istanbul Airport, which has become popular with its energy efficiency and environmentalist practices, has achieved the first place in the aviation industry by becoming the world's largest LEED certified building.

Istanbul Airport successfully passed the challenging LEED Certification system…

LEED Certification system is a long-term process starting from the design process to the completion of the buildings, but it covers issues that concern multiple disciplines. The system evaluates buildings on various topics such as sustainable land, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor quality of life, innovation in design, and local importance. The buildings that meet the prerequisites are registered at the level of Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum according to the points they received as a result of the evaluations. Criteria such as encouraging public transportation and alternative transportation systems within the scope of LEED headings, applying some methods for water saving and efficient use of water, making the design and system selection to increase energy efficiency are at the forefront. In addition to these titles, issues such as preventing and removing smoke cigarettes, which are harmful to human health, from indoor environment, improving and controlling indoor air quality and benefiting from daylight are also evaluated.

Istanbul Airport provides significant savings in water and energy efficiency…

Istanbul Airport, which disrupts stereotyped memorization in aviation and is one of the best in the world, is also an example to the world with its environmentalist practices and its sensitivity on sustainability. While efficient batteries and reservoirs that consume less water in terms of water efficiency are used at Istanbul Airport, over 50% savings are targeted in building water consumption by using gray water in the reservoirs. In addition, with the selection of local plants that consume less water in the landscaping areas of the airport and the use of treated wastewater for irrigation, 100% savings in water consumption are achieved.

With the use of energy efficient mechanical equipment, efficient lighting fixtures and energy efficient facade design at Istanbul Airport, over 22% of energy is saved compared to the base building defined in ASHRAE, which is accepted as the international standard. In addition, energy consumption is monitored by measuring the heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting loads, which are important in terms of monitoring energy efficiency.

'The most compatible' airport with recycling ...

İGA continues its works with the Zero Waste mission and displays an exemplary attitude regarding recycling in terms of materials and resources used starting from the construction process of Istanbul Airport. Most of the waste generated during the airport construction is sent to recycling and reuse, and the amount going to the waste site is reduced by 93%. In this context, all domestic and recyclable wastes that are generated during the construction process are monitored regularly, while using Recycled Content and Local Materials are taken care of. Recyclable wastes are collected in all blocks separately and recycled during operation, as Istanbul Airport is in full capacity.

Passenger comfort at Istanbul Airport is among the sustainability criteria.

At Istanbul Airport, while the indoor air quality and passenger comfort mechanical ventilation system is designed to be 30% above the fresh air values ​​determined in the ASHRAE standard, indoor temperature values ​​in accordance with the ASHRAE standard are determined in all locations. Thus, while the passenger comfort is carried to the top point, the construction chemicals (paint, primer, adhesive, paste, etc.) used in the interior are also preferred among those that comply with international human health limits.

“Airports are the reflection of the cities they are in…”

Mahesh Ramanujam, the President of the American Green Building Council, who made evaluations about Ista nbul Airport's qualification for “LEED Gold” certification, stated that the size of the buildings is not an obstacle for sustainability, and pointed out that the Istanbul Airport terminal building is deemed worthy of the LEED Gold certificate with its current size. Ramanujam said, “Airports are no longer just centers of transportation; they are also the reflections of the cities where people connect and get inspired. Istanbul Airport terminal as an entry point to Turkey, the first impression of the door every year to reflect the passage of millions of passengers. As the largest “LEED Gold” certified building in the world, Istanbul Airport; no matter the size or unique aspects of a project, it proves to be a healthy, sustainable and high performance place when properly designed. ” used expressions. Istanbul Airport continues to be the airport of firsts…

Kadri Samsunlu, Chairman and General Manager of İGA Airport Operations, who made evaluations about Istanbul Airport, which was registered with the “LEED Gold” certificate by the American Green Building Council; “The good news we received during this period when the world was struggling with the Covid-19 epidemic made us all happy. We took care to take all our steps from the design process to the construction phase, from the construction process to the operation process at Istanbul Airport in line with sustainable development goals. With this application model, we have become the largest “LEED Gold” certified building in the world by qualifying for LEED Gold certification. As İGA, we consider acting in line with sustainability principles as the most valuable part of our corporate culture. Based on this idea, we determined the “Zero Waste” approach as a critical success factor, and we addressed all the works carried out at Istanbul Airport on the basis of sustainability. Thanks to this approach, we were entitled to receive LEED Gold certification and broke new grounds. As İGA, we have brought a new success to the Turkish aviation industry with this award. As we always say; Istanbul Airport has always been the airport of firsts and widths and will continue to be so. We are extremely proud to prioritize the issue of sustainability to ensure a sustainable self-sustainability of the world, the future, and the environment. The crowning of this pride with the “LEED Gold” certificate is the biggest proof that we are on the right track. With our respect for the world we live in, and most importantly, with the understanding of sustainability, we will continue to work with all our strength to leave a livable world to future generations. ” made a statement.



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