Instant Response to the Collapsed Ring Road in Ordu

instant intervention to coken cevre in the army
instant intervention to coken cevre in the army

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality intervened in the crash on the alternative ring road of the city. Work will be carried out on an 8-meter ground to descend to the source of the water that has formed in Şehit Birol Yıldırım Boulevard.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which breathes city traffic with alternative routes, continues the maintenance and repair activities of the completed roads meticulously. The repair work was initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality on the Şehit Birol Yıldırım street, which was created by the ring road passing through the Altınordu district of Ordu, which was put into service to reduce the traffic load.


Bülent Şişman, Deputy Secretary General of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, made investigations on the collapsed Martyr Birol Yıldırım Boulevard. Getting information from the Science Affairs Department teams, Şişman said that the road will be opened as soon as possible. Şişman said, “The road starting from the new bus station location, connecting the ring road and the Karapınar neighborhood, provided relief for the inner city traffic. Heavy tonnage vehicles and trucks using Ordu Ring Road thanks to the 2 km long road Karşıyaka He uses this road, not the Şehit Yalçın Yamaner boulevard where the settlement is intense.


Providing information about the migration that took place on the Martyr Birol Yıldırım street, Şişman said, “We did a 2-kilometer road work here. We have made the necessary excavation works along the route. However, we can go down to a certain meter in these excavation works. In some places, there may be places that need to go down 5-10 meters due to soft ground. A 3-meter excavation work was carried out in the region where the collapse took place. Here we had a determination that we should go deeper than 3 meters. In this context, we will find the source of the water causing the collapse by entering 50-7 meters underground in the 8-meter section. ”


Pointing out that there is no problem throughout the route, Şişman said, “Only 2 meters of the 50-kilometer road is damaged. Sometimes, digging 7-8 meters along the entire route in road works can make it impossible to build that road. Some unwanted situations may occur after the roads are built. We took our precautions by quickly closing the road to traffic. Our teams continue their work. We will open this place to traffic as soon as possible. ”

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