Ilısu Dam to Provide 2,8 Lira Contribution to the Economy

ilisu dam will contribute annually to the economy
ilisu dam will contribute annually to the economy

The 1st Turbine of the Ilısu Dam Power Plant entered service with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan through a video conference. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli and Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez attended the opening ceremony from Mardin Dargeçit, where the power plant is located.

President Erdoğan, who attended the opening ceremony with a video conference, wished the power plant to be beneficial and thanked everyone who contributed to the construction of the work from its project at all stages.

President Erdogan, thanks to the determination of the dam, which has faced many obstacles at every stage from its loan to its construction since its construction started in 2008, kazanExpressing that he was angry, he said:

“I believe that everyone who wants to prevent the construction of this dam for years, from terrorist organizations to financial institutions abroad, is being crushed in the face of the magnificence of the work we face today. Southeastern Anatolia Region to Turkey for us, and especially for our cities will directly benefit from this facility today is the feast day. I wonder what the other opponents, especially the main opposition, especially the extreme opponents, especially in the face of the construction of this place, will wonder what they will say. Because, for the farmer of the region, everything from the most important irrigation possibilities for the land to the drinking water is here, everything is here until the energy facilities are available. Here is a concrete example of our policy of producing works, not words that we have been practicing without compromise for 18 years. This wonderful work is the best answer we give to those who complain about their own country to foreigners, who draw guns to their own people, and who shed the blood of their own people. I believe that the wind of peace, brotherhood, prosperity and peace that will blow from the Ilısu Dam will make you feel wave by wave in these lands for centuries. ”


President Erdoğan stated that the first unit of the 4,1 MW power plant of the hydroelectric power plant, which has a total annual energy production capacity of 200 billion kilowatt-hours, was put into service in the first phase and provided the following information:

“By putting a turbine into service every month, we will put Ilısu into full capacity until the end of the year. Ilısu's cost totaled 18 billion liras, including resettlement, protection of historical and cultural assets, construction and other expenditures. All historical and cultural assets, especially Hasankeyf, which are the most abused in the construction of the dam, have been carefully preserved. A resource of 200 million lira was used only for such studies. We expect the annual contribution of this facility to our economy will be 2,8 billion liras. This rare necklace, which we have attached to the Tigris River, which is basically 135 meters high and the total water storage volume is 10,6 billion cubic meters, is one of the most important elements of the GAP. ”


Author 1.200 megawatts of total installed capacity in Turkey's 4th largest in terms of volume and fill the 2nd Erdogan noted that the dam "concrete faced rock fill dam type in the Ilisu is number one in the world. By leaving the waters collected here to the Cizre Dam, which we will soon build, we will both generate 1,1 billion kilowatt-hours of energy and irrigate 765 thousand decares of land. By irrigating all these lands, the lands longed for that water have sprinkled the farmers' hearts. ” said.


In the last 18 years, a total of 8 facilities have been brought to the country. kazanStating that they are oppressed, Erdoğan said, “Turkey had 2002 dams in 276. We added 585 more dams to this. We will open 17 more dams, maybe one month apart, maybe shorter, but quickly, hopefully this summer will be a period of richness, especially in this regard. In energy, in water.”

President Erdogan, Turkey in 2002 that has 97 hydropower plants, 584 hydroelectric plants they said it added, "Do you know what this means? Renewable energy in Turkey, is one of the country from one of the countries that perform revolution in the world. " he spoke.

Stating that Turkey had 2002 irrigation ponds in 228 and they added 385 more ponds to this, Erdoğan said that Turkey had 2002 drinking water facilities in 84, adding 247 more facilities to the country and providing nearly 4,5 billion cubic meters of healthy drinking water. kazanhe said they did.


Turkey 18 years, opening 18 million acres of land, more irrigation, he doubled the production, bless you, but successful photo all services and investment to extend the factors of Erdogan explained that it is possible, under construction currently, as well as what is happening, many of who is on the completion and project phases stated that there is an investment.

Expressing that they plan to put into service only 2020 facilities, the construction of which was completed in 403, Erdogan said that the contribution of these investments to the country will contribute 14 billion lira in agricultural income, 28,5 megawatts of energy in energy, 4,5 million decares in flood protection, 4,5 million cubic meters in drinking water, He said that there are 4,2 million hectares in consolidation, and that all of them will open their official openings in the coming weeks and months.


Explaining that they exclude citizens who engage in plant and animal production from the curfew, Erdogan said, “For example, neither the rose growing in Isparta nor the Black Sea in Artvin, Rize, Trabzon, Ordu, Giresun, nor planting cereals all over our country. There are no restrictions for our producers who water their animals and graze their animals. As I have always said, we will prepare for the new era by working together, without leaving the smallest potential that is not planted in our country, the smallest potential that has not been activated. ” he spoke.

In line with Erdoğan's directive, Ilısu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant wishes to be beneficial to the country, region and nation, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. With the press of Bekir Pakdemirli and the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez, the grandstand that will generate electricity was opened.

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