Istanbul residents continue their IMM road works while at home

ibb continues to work on the curfew
ibb continues to work on the curfew

İBB continues its efforts to relax transportation by connecting Giyimkent Avenue with TEM Yanyo. 86% of the excavation purchase is completed in the connection road and intersection construction. Taking advantage of the curfew, IMM teams carried out asphalt paving on routes that had difficulty in working due to traffic density.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) accelerated the connection road and intersection works that will ease the traffic density in TEM. When the project is completed, Esenler Giyimkent Caddesi will be connected to TEM Kuzey Yanyo. The traffic density coming from the main axis will be eliminated and requests for connection with TEM Yanyo will be met. Transportation will be relaxed and time will be saved.


In order to realize the project carried out by the IMM Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, arrangements were made in the steep and sloping area where the road will pass. With the works carried out so far, 105 thousand cubic meters of 86 thousand cubic meters of excavation, which corresponds to 90 percent, have been removed.


A large team of 35 trucks, 5 excavators, 1 grader, 1 dozer and 1 cylinder participated in the work. The personnel working in the field meticulously complied with the measures taken against the coronavirus. In addition to work safety equipment, teams working with masks and gloves also obeyed the social distance rule.


On the other hand, the work on the routes, which have difficulty in paving asphalt due to pedestrian and vehicle traffic, continues. Taking advantage of the curfew, IMM crews are scraping the damaged surface before the paving process and rearranging the rainwater gratings and the road slope. Then asphalt paving is carried out.

Kadıköy Asphalt paving works at Kuşdili Caddesi and Köftüncü Sokak have been completed. Work on the streets of Şair Arşi and Ethem Efendi is planned to be completed as soon as possible.

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