Hicaz Railway Sehlül-Matran Train Station

hicaz railroad sehlul matran train station
hicaz railroad sehlul matran train station

This station was built in 1909 (Hijri 1327) in 46, that is, on the same date as the previous station. The design of this station, which is 22 km away from Mashhad station, reminds us of Abu Taka station. It is seen that the design of these two-storey stations, which are rectangular, is not used for reasons that we do not know. The entrance of the building is located in the middle of the first edge. Although the windows of the first floor are unusually wide, for security reasons, the windows of the ground floor are small, narrow and high.

Although the style and types of the stations are different, the station building consists of two floors here as well. However, all stations have an inner courtyard and there are similar rooms facing this courtyard.

The number of rooms on the upper floor is less and is located at the back of the building. Stairs made of stone are connected to the ground floor and the upper floor. In addition, iron stairs were placed on the interior walls of the building to reach the front roof more quickly. However, it is seen that the stairs here are completely destroyed. It was found that the rooms were recently plastered with cement, there were pits on the floors of the ground floor rooms and inscriptions were written on the walls of the building.

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