How to Buy Flight Tickets with HES Code? Is HES Code Required For Baby Passengers?

How to get the flight ticket with the hes code
How to get the flight ticket with the hes code

📩 04/01/2023 09:21

The Corona virus outbreak has caused great wounds all over the world and in our country. Epidemic in the world thanks to the measures taken, Turkey is among the countries that have met the most comfortable. After entering the normalization process gradually, the prohibitions and restrictions were gradually removed. In his address to the nation, President Erdoğan announced that the travel ban will be lifted from 1 June.

As a result of the abolition of inter-city travel ban, searches for airline tickets in search engines peaked. More than 50 thousand searched airline words are seen as a preparation for citizens' Eid al-Adha. So how to buy a flight ticket with HEPP code? Is your HES code valid on all domestic flights? HES code is required for baby passengers? What is the HES Code? What does the HES Code do? I have no HES Code, is this an obstacle for my trip? I don't have HES Code, where do I get my HES Code? What should I be careful about HES Code? Is the current HPP Code sufficient for me to travel? I have an HES Code, where will I make an HES Code entry when purchasing a ticket? I have a ticket I bought, where will I make my HEPP Code entry? I will be traveling to Turkey from abroad, do I have to take HPP Code? Is HES Code safe to use? Here are all the answers to these questions ...

Your HES code; By using the Hayat Eve Sığar mobile application or with a space between them, you can obtain it by sending an SMS to 4 by writing the number of days that should be valid for your HEPP, your TR identity number, the last 12345678901 digits of your ID serial number and your HES code (Example: HEPP 5376 30 2023). refers to the 10 or 12 digit code that you will use during the booking and ticketing phase for flights.

In order to prevent and slow the spread of the virus that causes Covid-19 pandemic, it ensures that passengers who have been exposed to the disease or who have been in contact with the patients and who will not be admitted to the flight will be informed before arriving at the airport.

The personal HEPP code set under the Hayat Eve Sığar program is a must for all domestic flights. To reach the "Infection Control Measures for Institutions and Organizations" page prepared by the Ministry of Health. Click here.

What to Know About HES Code

  • The HEPP code is a must for domestic flights of all passengers during the Covid-19 pandemic process.
  • Your HEPP code is valid on all domestic flights.
  • HEPP codes are checked 24 hours before the flight and passengers are informed about their flights. Passengers whose travel has not been approved by the Ministry of Health will not be admitted to the flight.
  • The HEPP code can be valid or indefinite for a certain period of time. Your HEPP code must be valid for at least 7 more days from the last travel end date. Otherwise, your reservation will not be confirmed.
  • HES code is not required for baby passengers.

What is HES Code?

HEPP (Hayat Eve Sığar) Code is a new application that has been made compulsory under the measures of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey for you to fly safely in the country.

Your HEPP Code, which you will create yourself and which you will share with us during ticket purchase and check-in, will be checked periodically through the services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and it will be checked whether there is an obstacle for your participation in the flight.

What Does the HEPP Code Do?

With the use of HES Code on all domestic flights:

  • Preventing people who have been exposed to or exposed to Covid-19 disease from participating in public transport flights,
  • It is aimed to inform our guests who will not be accepted to the flight for the specified reasons as soon as possible and before arriving at the airport.

I don't have an HEPP code, is this an Eengel for my trip?

For our domestic flights without a valid HEPP Code:

  • You cannot buy tickets,
  • You cannot check in on the line or at the airport,

Therefore, you cannot make your domestic travels without your HEPP code.

I don't have HES code, where will I get my HES code?

You can write the HEPP Code via the Ministry of Health Hayat Eve Sığar Mobile Application or by sending an SMS to the short number of 2023 and leave a space between them, respectively; You can get it quickly by sending the TC ID Number, the last 4 digits of the TC ID Serial Number and the number of days you need for your HES Code.

What Should I Pay Attention About HES Code?

The duration of your HES Code should be the total duration of your trip. If you want to buy a round-trip ticket or if you have a round-trip ticket, your HES Code should also include your return date.

HES code must be obtained for each guest separately.

HES Code is not mandatory for guests aged 0-2 years.

Your HES Code will be inquired at regular intervals between your ticketing process and your flight through the services of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey. If an obstacle is determined in terms of Covid-19 in your travels, you will not be accepted to the flight. This method was developed by the Turkish Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the virus that caused the Covid-19 outbreak.

  • Your HES Code will prevent your travel in the following situations;
  • Being COVID-19 positive or being in quarantine process,
  • Lack of sufficient HEPP Code,
  • Incorrect TC ID Number or passport information entered.

Is the current HPP code sufficient for me to travel?

The HEPP Code is one of the measures implemented to prevent the spread of the virus causing the Covid-19 outbreak. Your travel may not be allowed if fever measurement and other symptoms for the disease are observed at the airport before your trip, or if you do not comply with the use of the necessary mask for travel and similar rules.

I Have HES Code, Where Will I Do My HES Code Initiation When Buying Tickets?

You can enter the HES Code for each passenger who will travel individually in the field below on the passenger information page during the ticket purchase from Pegasus Website. We are continuing to develop HEPP code from Pegasus Mobile Application. Please follow our announcements and social media accounts to be informed that the development has been completed. Please follow our announcements and social media accounts to be informed that the development has been completed.

I Have A Ticket I Have Purchased, Where Will I Do My HES Code Initiative?

The HEPP Code will be obtained separately for all tickets purchased during online check-in. Our domestic flights are opened to online check-in 48 hours before the flight time. When your flight is opened for online check-in, you can enter your HEPP Code in the field below on the online check-in passenger information page.

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I shall Abroad Travel to Turkey, HES Code on Take Tough Am I?

HES Code is not compulsory for the flights, the starting point of the trip, abroad. In case of an update on the subject by the Turkish Ministry of Health, we will inform you with our social media accounts and announcements via the Pegasus Website.

Is HES Code Usage Safe?

Your HEPP Code is produced through systems operated by the Ministry of Health and the health information related to the HEPP Codes produced is under the control of the Ministry of Health. The HEPP Code information you have sent to us is stored only in accordance with the rules set out in the Pegasus Privacy Policy within the scope of your reservation (PNR) information in order to conduct the necessary flight availability inquiries at certain intervals before the flight and to respond to the requests of the authorized institutions regarding the measures implemented under the Covid-19 measures.

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