Hadımköy Dr. Inauguration of İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş Hospital

hadimkoy dr ismail niyazi escaped hospital emergency
hadimkoy dr ismail niyazi escaped hospital emergency

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Hadımköy, whose restoration was completed. İsmail Niyazi opened the Hospital of Kurtulmus. After the opening ceremony, President Erdoğan and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca examined the hospital.

Speaking at the ceremony, Erdogan said that the hospital's chief Abdülhamid-i Sani had sacrificed His Holiness with mercy and gratitude and said that this work served as a military hospital for about a century.

Dr. Noting that İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş has a great person that he personally knew, supported and encouraged in his youth, Erdogan said, “He is the son of the Army Commander Numan Kurtulli, who is also a scholar of the Balkan War, World War I and Independence War heroes. After completing Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and completing his internal medicine specialization, he dedicated his life to the service of all patients, strangers and young people in this city. ”

“He was a complete foundation person”

President Erdogan said, “The important thing of the deceased Kurtulli is that he worked hard to raise a good youth” and added, “The ideal of the deceased was to unite all humanity in line of goodness, beauty, charity, benevolence, love, friendship, brotherhood. He contributed greatly to the foundation and educational services of the Science Spreading Society. The poor families in Anatolia had a special sensitivity to keep their children educated and to have a profession. In this respect, he was a foundation person. ”

Turkey in the last 18 years, to date, as in all areas, culture and Erdogan stated that they did the revolution in respect of claiming his ancestor's legacy, "not only of our ancestors, we have to protect all the heritage of our geography. When we came to the government, we saw that only 460 works were restored. We have restored 18 works in 5 years and presented them to the service of our nation and humanity. While we do not have any value registered in the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list, we are represented by 60 works on the same list today. In this category, we are among the top five among 18 countries in the world. The number of representatives in living human treasures also increased to 178. ” he spoke.

Expressing that they have opened all the ways to bridge the past and run a verb, Erdogan said, “It is necessary to look at the adventure of Hadımköy Hospital in this way. Hopefully, this work will continue to survive for centuries by keeping the memory of the ancestor alive and by distributing healing to the people of the region. I congratulate those who contributed to the restoration and preparation of this work. All of our health personnel to take part in the performance of this service offered to the people of Istanbul; I wish success to all of them from the chief physician, to the nurses, to the health officials. ”

Speaking at the ceremony, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca stated that they took steps to add strength to the power of the health system one by one, and the hospital opened was a very special step that excited him.

Expressing that the hospital has been restored in 45 days in accordance with the instructions of President Erdoğan, Koca said, “It is an engagement not only of opening a hospital, but also of protecting our history and cultural heritage. Hadımköy Military Hospital is a reflection of the reconstruction movement initiated by Sultan Abdülhamit Khan in the provincial district of Istanbul at that time ”.

“Doctor İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş Hospital is a history, culture and art in its body”

“There is now a modern hospital with 100 beds and a lively ecdic heirloom, which has been restored, preserving its historical architectural features, in a ruined ruin. Saying good luck to our nation, Koca said, “He was known as the father of the poor by those who knew him closely, devoted his life to charity. We give the name of İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş.

I do not doubt that my doctor friends, all our healthcare professionals, and our elders, who will take part in this prestigious hospital, will carry the service flag with a worthy understanding in the name of our elders. Doctor İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş Hospital is a history, culture and art. It is a blessed heritage, faithfulness, historical consciousness with its resurrection. With its name, it will be an exemplary service understanding and a guide for all of us. ”

The ribbon was made by President Erdoğan, Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu, AK Party Deputy Chairman Numan Kurtümüş, Dr. İsmail Niyazi Kurtümüş's sister Zehra Kurtümüş Kilitçioğlu and Hasan Gürsoy cut together.

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