Izmir Metro, which transports 500 thousand passengers a day, is 20 years old

Izmir Metro, which transports one thousand passengers a day
Izmir Metro, which transports one thousand passengers a day

Metro, the lifeblood of public transportation in Izmir, is 20 years old. The system built by the Metropolitan Municipality carries close to half a million passengers a day with the tram lines.

The Izmir Metro, which started operating in Izmir on May 22, 2000, has passed 20 years. Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who visited Halkapınar facilities on this special day of Izmir Metro, celebrated the holiday of the staff by radio. Speaking here, President Soyer said that İzmir Metro is one of the city's pride. Stating that the element that keeps the institution alive is the personnel producing quality services, Soyer continued: “Therefore, health for all of you. This study is also in the process of corona crisis in the whole world, especially in Izmir walked with highlighting a study in Turkey. In our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, each of our units does different things. Some are tightening screws, some are cleaning the street, some are using tram. But when all this comes together, the perception of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is revealed. And I would like to say that we have successfully maintained this perception. ”

Bronze city of Izmir, Turkey's most successful President noted that one of Soyer, he continued: "I need to know. I congratulate all of you who contributed to this separately. Health to all your labor. We are proud of you. When life begins to normalize, I wish that we will all continue to serve in the best possible way. ”

During his visit to Mayor Soyer, the General Secretary of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Buğra Gökçe and Sönmez Alev, the General Manager of the Izmir Metro, were accompanied.

They are disinfected after each time

Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram continue to work in the epidemic process. Within the scope of additional security measures during the epidemic process, disinfection is performed every day in the entire fleet of vehicles. Again, disinfection processes continue to be applied periodically at all stations and stops. The internal cleaning of the vehicles, which are externally cleaned in the brush washing unit, is carried out by using odorless cleaning materials that do not harm human health, environment and wagon equipment. All vehicles are given to train operation after going through these processes and checking them. The vehicles that are cleaned and disinfected after the completion of each time during the operation are offered to the people of Izmir. Providing service with the motto “We have been waiting for 20 years, we do not wait”, all the personnel from the driver to the cleaning staff work 7/24 for safe, comfortable, regular and hygienic service.

Started with an 11, 5-kilometer line

Izmir Metro, which started 20 years ago with a line length of 10 kilometers where 11.5 stations are located, today's Konak and Karşıyaka Along with the trams, it carries an average of 41 thousand passengers every day, in a total of 500 kilometers. Izmir Metro and Izmir Tram meet 24 percent of public transportation in the city. Izmir Metro, which started operating with 2000 vehicles in 45, has a giant fleet of 220 vehicles with the inclusion of new metro vehicles and tram cars in the past period. Over the past 20 years, 8 billion 1 thousand passengers have been transported, corresponding to 1 in 164 of the world's population. The total of 36 million kilometers of voyages since the first day is equivalent to traveling around the world 903 times.

Izmir Railway System Map

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