Golden Touches from Metropolitan to Izmir Traffic

golden touches from big city to izmir traffic
golden touches from big city to izmir traffic

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues its infrastructure works that it accelerated during the corona days. While the main arteries of the city were asphalted completely, new alternative roads were opened at four different points, and the traffic flow was relieved.

Projects that will breathe the city traffic brought by Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer's election campaign with golden touches are implemented one by one. New roads are opened in the busy traffic points of Izmir and critical interventions are made on vehicle density with environmental regulations. İZBETON teams, Bayraklı By opening crossroads and environmental arrangements at places such as Soğukkuyu, Konak Vezirağa, Çiğli Ata Sanayi and Bornova Nilüfer Caddesi, it opens new alternative roads and brings practical solutions to traffic jams.

Alternative Road to the Critical Junction

BayraklıWithin the scope of the works carried out on the connection of 1848. Sokak and Yeni Girne Caddesi in Istanbul, a new development road was opened in the region. With the 900-meter new road linking Barış Caddesi and Yeni Girne Caddesi, the traffic of the hospital junction in the region was relaxed, and the density was reduced during the peak traffic hours on Yeni Girne Caddesi. Environmental arrangements were made with more than 500 meters of pavement work done on the roadsides.

Two Neighborhoods Connected to the Main Arterial

The bridge in the Vezirağa region in Konak and 600 meters of connection roads, and the neighborhoods of Lale and Çaldıran were connected to Yeşildere Avenue. In addition, a thousand 175 meters of pavement and landscaping were made in the region.

Major Revision in Ata Sanayi

8780 meters closed section of 1/700 street in Ata Sanayi in Çiğli district was opened by İZBETON teams and the road was connected to 8855. Sokak. Thanks to this study, a link to Anadolu Caddesi, Evka-5 and Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone was provided. In this study, approximately 2 thousand meters of pavement was produced.

4. Industry Merged By Highway

A comprehensive study was carried out at the Nilüfer junction in Bornova Naldöken Neighborhood. A new zoning road of approximately 1281 meters has been opened on 19/400 Street between Kavsak and Cengizhan Street. In this way, the 4th Industry in the region was connected to Ankara Street and highway. In the environmental arrangement of the road, 2 thousand meters of pavement was manufactured.

Alternative Way to Food Market

Metropolitan Municipality also pressed the button to ease Mürselpaşa Street. With the new bypass road connecting the Mürselpaşa side road to the Food Market, traffic jams in the region will be intervened. In addition, the new hospital under construction is connected to the main street within the study.

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