Local Rail Connection System MAS-ML1 for Istanbul Metro

atakoy ikitelli metro line rail welding ceremony was held in istanbul
atakoy ikitelli metro line rail welding ceremony was held in istanbul

Similar systems were used in the subway and Marmaray line in previous years in our country, but they were imported products. High elasticity rail fastening systems are also becoming indigenous in our country, where efforts are made in every field to become local and national. In this context, the company Make Railway, which produces and is an exporter of various precast products, has cooperated with Gürmak, which produces plinth systems successfully and is a brand in plinth systems. With the cooperation with Gürmak company, Gürmak provided the connection systems, and a new patented system, integrated into the boot system, has emerged. In this way, the connection system will meet all the requirements in EN13481-5, and will provide high elasticity and vibration damping.

In recent years, more vibration and sound dampening has been required in metro and conventional projects. With this local system, it will be easily used in sensitive areas such as hospitals, mosques, concert halls where metro and railway lines pass under or near, where sound and vibration damping is required. The system will both isolate the noise and vibrations coming from the rail system vehicle and isolate the outside noise and vibrations. The IMM Rail System Department chose the Mas-ML1 system on the Ataköy-Basın Ekspres-İkitelli line.

With the first welding ceremony held today, IMM President Mr.  Ekrem İmamoğlu Superstructure construction of the line started by making the first welding. Good luck for our country and Istanbul.

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