Covidien-19 Scope of Application of Measures was held in 81 cities of Turkey Peace Trust

Covidien in the province of the application of confidence measures covered turkey was performed tranquility
Covidien in the province of the application of confidence measures covered turkey was performed tranquility

Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Security, Gendarmerie General Command and Coast Guard Command of the new type by units coronavirus (Covidien-19) across the country for the purpose of monitoring of implementation of the decisions taken within the scope of measures simultaneously in Turkey Confidence Peace applications were done.

A total of 15 thousand 15 personnel and 00 detector dogs, including 24 thousand 00 police officers, 8 thousand 151 gendarmerie and 30 coast guard personnel, participated in the application, which was held on Friday, May 443, between 20:730 and 712:51.

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, it was checked whether the workplaces that were closed indefinitely were closed, if the workplaces, whose working hours were reorganized, were operating at the specified hours and whether they were following the closing hours. Street markets, market, bakery, petrol station etc. In addition to the obligation to wear social distances and masks at workplaces, it was checked whether there was one person per 10m2 in shopping malls and markets, and whether the people waiting outside were complying with the social distance rule.

It was checked whether citizens under the age of 20 and 65 and over and those with chronic illness who were subject to curfews complied with the decisions taken.

Citizens' compliance with the measures such as the passenger capacities of public transport and commercial taxis, the use of masks in the vehicle and other rules, and park, garden, promenade and walking areas were checked.

Administrative and Judicial Procedures were Taken for 4 thousand 368 Persons Not Conforming to Social Distance

Simultaneous application from across the country; 332 thousand 492 people were questioned, 542 wanted people were identified. 38 of them were taken into custody. Administrative and judicial proceedings were carried out for a total of 2 thousand 701 individuals, including 20 479 of the violation of the social distance rule, 65 under the age of 188, 4 under 368 and over XNUMX.

In inspections: 254 thousand 52 vehicles were checked. A total of 1.042 vehicle drivers / owners, including 151 public transport, 4.638 commercial taxis and 5.831 other vehicles, were fined.

10 thousand 315 park-garden, 2 thousand 959 promenade-walking area and 92 thousand 500 workplaces were inspected. Administrative and judicial proceedings were made to a total of 68 business owners / operators, 25 violating the indefinite closure rule, 98 operating outside the specified working hours and 191 non-applying social distance rule.

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