Local Synthesis of Drug Used in Covid-19 Treatment Will Be Completed in June

Local synthesis of the drug used in covid therapy will be completed in June
Local synthesis of the drug used in covid therapy will be completed in June

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank reported that the local synthesis of the drug used in the treatment of the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) will be completed in June.


Minister Varank made a statement regarding the activities carried out against Covid-19 in the program he participated in the TRT News channel. about the vaccine, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) and the universities in the country before the outbreak, reminiscent create a consortium together with two research centers and private companies Varank, noted that the 2 projects supported under the platform.


Explaining that there are projects related to the drug along with the vaccine, Minister Varank stated that Turkish scientists conducted various scans and made good progress before starting the studies. Varank said, “We will have completed the local synthesis of a drug, which is currently used by our Ministry of Health in the treatment of this disease, and that our Minister says 'works in treatment' personally. Thus, we will start producing a drug that we import and depend on abroad with local synthesis. ” said.


Varank stated that they made a call for projects with the TÜBİTAK Rapid Support Program on diagnostic kits, and stated that they decided to support 10 projects. Giving information about the projects of the companies, Varank noted that they are working on tests that give results in 30 minutes and that prototypes will be released in June. In Turkey, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), the Minister said that 13 companies producing test Varank reported that their exports to 50 countries.


Providing information about the cloth mask standards of the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE), Varank gave details about the production, use, washing and disposal of the mask. As of today, Varank stated that 9 companies applied to TSE. When companies applied, Varank stated that TSE specialists will inspect the production facilities first, and then stated that the mask tests, which last 6 days, will start.


Stating that they have prepared a document called 'Hygiene, Infection Prevention and Control Guide' for industrial enterprises with TSE, Varank stated that this guide will be published on Monday next week. Explaining that a new certification activity will be started with this guide, Varank said that the industrial institutions will be audited and given a certificate.


Referring to developments regarding Turkey's car Varank, they are in constant communication with the joint venture and said that a serious hitch. said that the process continues as planned, Varank, Turkey's then not only use technology but also stressed that they want to be a country capable of producing.


Stating that the industrial production index came as low as they expected, Varank said, “We predict that the production capacities will increase with the opening of international markets and the normalization of the epidemic after the holidays. I hope the capacity will start to increase significantly after the feast. ” found in the description.

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