Cash Money Will Not Pass In Commercial Taxis! No taxis can be taken without a mask!

cash in commercial taxis will not pass without taxis
cash in commercial taxis will not pass without taxis

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has sent a circular of commercial taxi hygiene measures with 81. According to the circular, taxis will be disinfected every week, customers will not be able to get a taxi without a mask. Commercial taxi drivers will act in accordance with personal hygiene rules. More than 3 customers will not be accepted to the taxi at the same time.

The circular sent by the Minister of Internal Affairs Sületman Soylu with 81 states: “It is of vital importance to follow the social distance and personal hygiene rules in order to manage the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic that affects the whole world. Our state takes many measures with its institutions to prevent the spread of this epidemic and prevent our citizens from threatening their lives, and determines the rules to be followed in this context and shares them with our citizens.

Within this framework, the measures to be taken in public transportation vehicles were determined and sent to the Governorships with our Circular. During the activities of commercial taxis, there are some risks in terms of social distance and personal hygiene measures due to the narrowness of the in-vehicle area and the use of these areas by many people during the day.

In order to eliminate these risks, the following measures should be taken in the pandemic process as a result of the evaluations made with the relevant Ministries.

1- Commercial taxi stands and vehicles used as commercial taxi will be cleaned / disinfected at regular intervals, at least once a week. A document issued by the competent authority, institution or rooms performing the disinfection of the vehicle to be presented when necessary and showing the date of disinfection of the vehicle will be kept in the vehicle.

2- Commercial taxi drivers will act in accordance with personal hygiene rules and will definitely use a mask inside the vehicle.

3- In commercial taxis, enough disinfectant materials / products or 80 degrees of cologne will be available for the use of every customer who gets on the vehicle during the day, and commercial taxi drivers will inform the customer that they can / should use disinfectant or cologne as soon as they get in the taxi.

4- More than three customers will not be accepted to commercial taxis at the same time.

5- Customers will not be able to take commercial taxis without a mask.

6- After each customer service, it will be provided to wipe / disinfect the places where the customers can physically contact (door handle, window opening button, seats etc.) in an area / stop in accordance with traffic rules and to ventilate the vehicle.

7- Necessary information and directions will be made by professional chambers and operators so that the taxi fare can be paid by contactless payment methods that do not require physical contact (credit card, mobile applications, etc.).

Law enforcement units, local administrations, professional chambers and relevant unit / institution authorities and necessary authorities to make the necessary decisions by Governors / District Governors regarding the above-mentioned measures immediately, to prevent any problems in practice and to cause victimization, in coordination and effective supervision of the issue by the traffic police;

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