After Corona Camp, Caravan, Outdoor Sports Will Make A Summit

camper caravan nature sports after the corona will peak
camper caravan nature sports after the corona will peak

While coronavirus affects many sectors negatively, tourism is the leading one. Tourism professionals are of the opinion that even if the threat of coronavirus has disappeared, wounds will not be healed for many years in tourism. On the other hand, it is thought that tourists will stay away from popular abroad cities, big hotels with thousands of people and crowded tours. Camps, caravans and extreme sports will be at its peak instead.

Tourism will not be the same

Outdoor sports and nature in the area of ​​General Manager of SPX adventurers and published in the leading position in Turkey's NTV producer Orkin Olga, "and we closed our homes because of coronavirus. Countries closed their borders, flights were canceled, curfews were imposed. Tourism has stopped completely. ”

Pointing out that people who have been in their homes for months after the epidemic has finished will want to travel more than ever, Olgar said, “Because traveling is a need. However, although people want to travel, they will not be as comfortable as before. They will avoid popular overseas cities, crowded tours, big hotels with thousands of people for a while. ” Orkun Olgar “At this point, there will be an increasing interest in holiday options such as boutique hotels and personalized packages. We expect the most increase in nature tours and adventure sports. ”

We are part of nature

Stating that the real environment of people is nature, Orkun Olgar said, “Human is part of nature. Our essence and genes are from nature. Although the cities are safe and comfortable, our real environment is nature. ”

Reminding that people are completely disconnected from nature in the corona process, Olgar said, “This break also created an awareness. He created a longing for nature. ” He also suggested people who do gym sports to do sports in nature, adding, “Sports halls can remain closed for a long time. Therefore, you can do sports in nature. Once a person running in nature will not want to run on a treadmill again. ”

Tent holiday will explode

Stating that interest in nature tours has increased in recent years, Olgar said, “There has been a great interest in nature tours recently. We expect this to increase further after coronavirus. Because people are both far from nature and having a vacation in nature are the places where you can best apply social distance. ”

The caravan is getting popular

According to Olgar, another type of tourism that will increase interest will be a caravan. Stating that the caravan is getting popular day by day due to their beauty such as being able to go wherever you want, waking up to a different view every morning, Olgar said, “When people wake up in the trailer in the forest, people will experience the magnificence of the smell of the forest. After experiencing this, there is no turning back. They will always miss nature. ”

Risky sports are now safe

Adventure lover Orkun Olgar, who also does extreme sports, is of the opinion that the interest in extreme sports will increase after coronavirus.

“Extreme sports such as mountain biking, diving, windsurfing, and paragliding can be of great interest, as they are usually done individually in nature. These sports are minimized in the extreme sports category in terms of the risks they carry, but because they are made away from people during the epidemic period, the risk of viruses is minimized. This makes them safe, at least in terms of coronavirus. ”

Hibya News Agency

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