Cable Car To Be Made To Historical Maras Castle

cable car will be built to the historical castle
cable car will be built to the historical castle

Meeting with the members of the press at the Historical Maras Castle, Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hayrettin Güngör said that the Historical Maras Castle, whose landscaping was completed after the Ramadan Feast, will be opened to the public.

Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Hayrettin Güngör stated that they have completed the landscaping and maintenance works in the Historical Maraş Castle, which has a history of 3 thousand years, and that they will open it to the public after Ramadan Feast.

We Will Install Small Cable Car System

Pointing out that the castle was transferred to the Metropolitan Municipality after the restoration works of the Ministry of Culture, Mayor Güngör said: “We have completed the landscaping and maintenance works in our Historical Marash Castle.

After that, we will start our three-stage work for our pen. In the first place, we will minimize vehicle entry to the pen. We will stop the vehicle exit by making parking places in the lower parts. For our nurses who have difficulty in walking, we will provide the battery powered vehicles from below. In addition to this, we will carry out facade improvement and transformation works in accordance with the historical texture of our pencil. By doing expropriation works in the area from the region where the car park is located down to the Acemli Mosque, we will provide a lift or a small cable car system to exit the fortress, if we can get permission from the Council of Monuments.

We will work in accordance with our National Struggle in the region where the flagpole is located. Because when our visitors come there, we want both to take a picture and to live that date. If we can get permission from the Board of Monuments, another issue we will do is to create walking spaces and viewing terraces on the walls. Another point is that after closing our pen to the vehicle entrance, the entrance to the castle is from the historical gate, and at the exit, to provide people with information about the pen by including the promotional texts that our historians will prepare.

We will create a flag road

Expressing that they will continue to work in and around the castle, Mayor Güngör said: “Cities have identities and dates. You have to keep them alive. We have a history that we are proud and justified to keep the history of our city alive and pass it on to future generations. In order to keep our history alive, we will create a Flag Road from Ulucamii to pencil. In this project, we want to bring a person who comes to Ulucamii to the castle by living that date. We think there is a cultural identity that will add value to this city. ”

Facade Improvement Starts From Grand Bazaar

Underlining that the works will not be limited to this, President Güngör continued his words as follows: “We are starting to improve the facade of our Grand Bazaar in the region from Ulucami to İşbank. Our project has been completed. By doing a few case studies, we will look at something missing. Sometimes, when you do a holistic study, it is difficult to overcome the deficiencies, so we will do a few case studies and look at it and continue our way. ”

Later, President Güngör answered the questions posed by the members of the press.



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