BTS: 'We will not be Silent for the Transfer of Sirkeci Port Area to Yeşilay'

bts sirkeci we will not be silent to the transfer of port area to yesilaya
bts sirkeci we will not be silent to the transfer of port area to yesilaya

United Transport Employees Union (BTS) has announced that the lines to reach the port and the maneuver areas to be used in the Sirkeci Port area and the maneuver areas to be used have reached the final stage of preparation for a protocol. In the written statement published by BTS Central Executive Board, "We will not be silent to transfer the areas belonging to TCCD to advocates and institutions, we will not allow this looting and plunder".

In a statement made by BTS; ”Railway transportation is one of the most important transportation sectors / modes in the world. While the share of the transportation sector continues to increase day by day in the transportation of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in the global economy, this indicates that our country's railways will grow in the coming period.

With this growth to be experienced in our railways, the existing properties will definitely become insufficient in the coming years. Therefore; These future needs should be taken into consideration when using and planning railway immovables, especially immovable properties within the borders of the big train stations in the city.

However, unfortunately, we see with negative examples that neither the political power, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure nor the General Directorate of TCDD have taken the right steps towards the development of our country's railways as a whole.

As a new one of these wrong steps made by the relevant institutions, we see today the transfer of Sirkeci Port area to Yeşilay.

As known; Before Marmaray & Tüptünel was put into operation in Istanbul, wagon / train transfers between Europe and Asia were made by ferries operated between Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa. Although it is not possible to pass some loads (dangerous goods loaded: wagons / flammable explosive laden wagons, wagons containing tank guns) through the tunnel, although the tubing is put into operation, the transfers will be provided by ferry. The ferries operated between Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa were renewed and one ferry was purchased to be used in this transportation.

On the other hand, Sirkeci Port area has strategic importance since the transportation between Sirkeci-Haydarpaşa and ferry services will be made from here in case the Tübünel becomes unusable due to damage, accident, earthquake and similar reasons that may occur in Tüptünel.

Regardless of all these sensitivities, the lines that the trains in Sirkeci Port area will reach the port and the maneuver areas to be used will be transferred to Yeşilay with a protocol and their preparations are at the final stage.

Although our union has asked the TCDD General Directorate as part of the Information Acquisition Act for the transfer of a public area, which has a very important position in railway transportation and which meets the increasing transportation needs, to another business, has not yet received a response.

In addition, the 5000 square meter area planned to be transferred is transferred directly to Yeşilay without the knowledge of any other organization.

At the current stage, before the transfer has taken place, the KKD Consortium has started the renovation of the Superficial Line from TCDD Sirkeci Station to Yedikule. The entire roads of the Sirkeci Ferry port located in Sirkeci Gar Basin by KKC; the connection roads of these roads were partially dismantled up to the Gülhane bridge. The KKC placed its workers in the barrack where the Road Workers were staying. The building, which is on the side and used by maneuvering personnel, was also requested to be evacuated by TCDD.

Although Yeşilay was in the Basketmakers' Kiosk, the roads belonging to the TCDD Ferry port in previous years were confiscated, the rails were covered, “We only have loading and unloading here when the ferry arrives.” He also constructed a two-storey building without a license to some of this region.

We have witnessed many times that the political power has handed over to the civil society organizations and associations close to it by bringing the public values. We are experiencing a similar situation today.

In recent years, the most precious lands of the railways have been withdrawn by the ruling party to the adherents, without addressing the commercial and legal criteria, without worrying about public service. In this way, an area of ​​70.000m2 in Ankara Station, 20.500m2 in Haydarpaşa and 4.500m2 in Sirkeci was looted. Now, it will not be enough for Yeşilay, who runs a wedding hall by applying wood coating on the rails passing through the half of his garden, that the 5.000m2 area consisting of the TCDD ferry pier and the roads, to comply with the essential duty of the wedding hall, without any criteria, is confiscated. an attempt is made to withdraw. It is clear that this is done by the order of the government.

“Currently, TCDD does not need enough for the transfer of this area, which has a very important and strategic location for transportation.” Who are the TCDD bureaucrats who approved? Have these bureaucrats been pressured? Has the presence of influential people in YEŞİLAY's Board of Directors been effective in making this decision?

These areas of TCCD, which have been providing transportation services in our country for 164 years, will not be silent, and will not allow this plunder and pillage to be taken away from the growing and increasingly increasing transportation sector by using political influence. We will grow our legal and legitimate struggle with solidarity with democratic institutions and people. ”

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