Opened to the US Market with BTSO's UR-GE Project

bts opened to us market with its ur ge project
bts opened to us market with its ur ge project

Uğur Karoser, who participated in the LCT Show International Fair organized in the city of Las Vegas in the USA this year within the scope of the Bursa Commercial Vehicle, Bodywork, Superstructure and Suppliers Sector UR-GE Project conducted by the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), managed to turn this event into an opportunity. . The company exported 2 vans to the USA in the first place with the agreement it made at the fair.

The US market, one of the most difficult markets to enter the world, is opening to entrepreneurs from Bursa with the UR-GE project of BTSO. Uğur Karoser, which opened to the US market with the Project of Supporting the Development of International Competitiveness Project (UR-GE) realized with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, sent 2 minibuses it produced to Las Vegas in the first place. Company owner Uğur Sönmezyuva said that they have exported their minibuses and buses to different cities in Europe for 20 years. Stating that they are cooperating with an international company with branches in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the USA, and sending their minibuses and buses to different parts of the world, Sönmezyuva said, “Our products have been on the roads in Europe for a long time. Finally, we signed a new collaboration at the fair we participated in Las Vegas within the scope of BTSO's UR-GE project. We received an order for 25 vehicles with a company that we had previously met at the fair. ” said.

EXPORT SUCCESS despite the epidemic

Sönmezyuva stated that their visit to the USA constituted an element of trust for the company they signed an agreement with and added, “Thanks to UR-GE, we had the opportunity to go to the USA and conclude our previous meetings. We started working immediately after the orders arrived. However, we have sent 2 vehicles for the time being due to the coronavirus epidemic that negatively affects the whole world. The vehicles first reached Portugal through Gemlik Port and then to the USA. For now, we had to postpone the date of other orders. We are happy that we are exporting despite the epidemic. We would like to thank BTSO Management, which has strengthened our industry with the UR-GE project. We will continue to carry out our work and focus on new projects. ” he spoke.


BCCI Board Member of Muhsin Koçasl, stressed that the company has experienced in the bodywork sector leader in the city of Bursa, Turkey's automotive industry. Reminding that they started the Bursa Commercial Vehicle Bodywork, Superstructure and Suppliers Sector UR-GE Project by bringing together the important players of the sector with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Koçaslan said, “There are 30 companies in our project. Our aim is to reflect the potential of the industry in production to exports. The USA is an extremely important market especially for the sector. In addition to the opportunities it offers, we also care about this market in terms of expanding the horizons of our companies. Accordingly, we carried out the first foreign marketing activity in the project in the USA in November last year. We organized our second overseas event in the US again in February this year. Our companies participating in the LCT Show International Fair held in the city of Las Vegas also examined the production facilities of the leading companies of the industry. ” said.


Expressing that they are pleased that the negotiations held during the foreign marketing activity in the USA result in an export agreement, Koçaslan said, “The exports of our 30 companies operating under UR-GE exceed 60 million dollars. Our goal is to move this figure even higher. At this point, we attach great importance to the export agreement of our company, Uğur Karoser, in the USA. In the upcoming period, we will continue to work with our full strength as BTSO in order to increase the competitiveness of our companies in both the US and all other markets. ” he spoke.

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