Breath Credits Become 'Life Water' for Historic Shopkeepers

breath credit history became life water for the current tradesman
breath credit history became life water for the current tradesman

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO), which has implemented many projects for the Historical Bazaar and the Hanlar Region, which is the most important center of shopping and trade in Bursa, has also been the biggest supporter of the tradesmen in the process of combating coronavirus. Tradesmen who stated that BTSO was with the market tradesmen in this challenging period as always and provided life to businesses with the support of breath credit, demanded to organize Payitaht Market Shopping Days this year.

Taking important steps since the first day in order to survive the epidemic process of its production and trade life with the least damage, BTSO has also accelerated its efforts to solve the problems of the tradesmen in the Historical Bazaar and the Hanlar Region. BTSO, which has brought many support, especially Breath Loan, to eliminate the problems experienced by the shopkeepers who open their doors again after taking a break from their activities within the scope of coronavirus measures, once again showed that they are with the tradesmen in this difficult period.


BTSO Assembly Member Nazım Usturalı noted that BTSO took quick steps towards the demands of the bazaar shopkeepers during the epidemic process. Stating that the financing needs of the shopkeepers and mask demands were met by BTSO, Usturalı said, “Things are slowly getting on track in the bazaar. Shopping will be moving. I hope we will be much better. ” said.


BTSO Assembly Member Mithat Rızvanoğlu said that within the scope of coronavirus measures, the workplaces in the bazaar were closed for about a month. Stating that the most important expenses were employee salaries during this period, Rızvanoğlu noted that they benefited from the short-time working allowance and maintained their employment. Stating that BTSO stepped in and started breathing credit for the rent and other payments of the workplaces, Rızvanoğlu emphasized that many tradesmen will benefit from this loan. Rızvanoğlu said, “BTSO President Mr. İbrahim Burkay has been trying to bring our region to the forefront with his works, especially Payitaht Market Shopping Days, since the day he took office. We thank him for their support. Hopefully, our activities will begin in the post-feast. " he spoke.


Necdet Pınardağ, Grand Bazaar Ground Floor Chairman of the Board, stated that the bazaar has started to serve again after a long break and said, “We disinfected our bazaar just before the opening. Our tradesmen are very meticulous about the use of masks and all other issues. ” said. Noting that the state and the tradesmen were relieved to some extent with the support of both the state and BTSO, Pınardağ said, “Breath Loan initiated by BTSO has been very useful especially in these days when we have difficulty in accessing finance. I hope we will overcome the troubled period as soon as possible with these supports. ” he spoke.


Nurcan Akbal, the Grand Bazaar shopkeeper, said that they started to serve between 12.00-17.00 after a month break. Akbal said that the wedding season should be opened for things to move, and they stressed that they are expecting a regulation regarding this issue from the Government as soon as possible. Akbal thanked BTSO management, who is a follower of the tradesmen's demands, adding that Breath Credit support is also a great advantage for BTSO members.


Aydın Murat, one of the artisans of Kozahan, said, “Our customers were mostly domestic and foreign tourists. Since there are no intercity transportation and plane services, our works were negatively affected. However, the support of our state and BTSO kept us alive. We applied for the loan. It is a great advantage that the loan is free this year. These supports and the successful management of our country enable us to look to the future with more hope. We expect foreign tourists to start coming again in August and after. ” spoke in the form.

The bazaar shopkeeper Savaş Susmaz said, “People became conscious of the coronavirus. Everyone is protected with a mask and takes precautions. Our tradesmen are also in the same way. During this period, BTSO's support for our rental and employee expenses was comforting. In previous years, we have seen the benefits of the Payitaht Market Shopping Days event. It would be good to re-arrange this year. ” said.


The bazaar shopkeepers Ersin Çakıcı said that the markets have not yet been freed from the coronavirus effect. Noting that they benefited from the Breath Loan initiated by BTSO in this period, Çakıcı emphasized that the loan is an important source for their businesses. With the right steps in reminding the government that reduced the number of cases in Turkey Shook he said: "We are currently doing well in the fight. We are hopeful after the feast. In this process, Payitaht Market Shopping Days can also activate our market again. ”


Engin Atçı, one of the jewelery shopkeepers of the Grand Bazaar, noted that their work has decreased by 80 percent with the closure of the bazaar and the postponement of weddings, engagements and special days within the scope of coronavirus measures. Despite this, Atçı stated that they pay both rent and employees. “The contributions of our state and BTSO cannot be denied in this process. They were with us with their work. If Payitaht Market Shopping Days are also organized this year, it will be beneficial for us. I believe that we will overcome this difficult period with the solidarity of the state and the nation. ” used expressions.

Sercan Kaya, one of the jewelery shopkeepers, said that during the epidemic, the government, municipalities and BTSO stood behind the shopkeepers. Stating that all institutions are doing their best for tradesmen, Kaya said, "We thank everyone for their support." said.

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