Who is Bedriye Tahir Gökmen?

Who is Bedriye Tahir Gokmen
Who is Bedriye Tahir Gokmen

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Bedriye Tahir Gökmen is the first Turkish female pilot. It is known as Gökmen Bacı. He started his aviation training at Vecihi Flight School in 1932. While he was a civil servant, he continued his flight training. He bought a badge in 1933. Abdurrahman Türkkuşu had nicknamed him Gökmen. Bedriye Tahir, known as Gökmen Bacı, took the surname of Gökmen when the Surname Law was enacted in 1934.

Bedriye Tahir received a lot of reaction and met with obstacles due to his aviation effort. He was punished with his pension for dealing with aviation, and was eventually fired from his job.

In 1934, Vecihi School had requested students to be tested by the Undersecretariat of the Air Force for approval of badges. However, when the exam committee came, the only active plane of the school was in the crimea, the exam could not be held, the school was closed when the committee refused to come again and Gökmen Bacı's pilot was not approved. The later life of Bedriye Tahir Gökmen, who was dismissed at the time, is unknown. However, the first Turkish woman took its place in aviation history as a pilot.

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